A Little Women's Spring Vintage Fashion

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.
— Marcus Garvey

The Face Behind the Fashion: Juliette

To fully understand what it means to be part of humanity, it is important to study and understand both our culture and our history which often get intertwined with each other. Juliette, today's April fashion featured individual, is well versed in each category and carries a vast knowledge of the eras that came before but is also in tune with her French heritage. Soon off to college, Juliette wishes to study in Canada which has a significant French-speaking population. Her love of history has also caused her to hopefully focus on that during her higher education, and someday, she wishes to help preserve artifacts of our anthropology which have the power to explain and recollect our human existence. 

Originally a student of science in high school, Juliette constantly found herself gravitating towards more artistic forms of education such as literature. Through reading many books, especially non-fiction ones, her understanding of human history has grown throughout the years. After all, to truly understand the future, one must take a look at what has come before. Juliette's also taken a liking to studying fashion throughout the ages which has given her the ability to identify as to what time period a specific article of clothing was popular. This has sparked yet another interest in wearing vintage fashion by combining pieces of the past with pops of color from the present. 

Another important aspect of Juliette is her French heritage which derives itself from her parent's immigration from the country. Even though they both came from France, her parents actually met in a New York club. Ironically in their mother country, Juliette's parents lived in towns not so far from each other but did not meet until they traveled across the ocean. Luckily, her constant exposure to her culture including frequent trips to France have caused Juliette to be fluent in the language. Due to her bilingual nature, colleges in French Canada heavily seek her and even offer a reduced tuition. For Juliette, it seems that a higher education in the country to the north is turning out to be a viable idea especially if such a college can be ideally located in a city.

A Little Dash of Women's Vintage Fashion

Showing off a bit of spring fashion inspiration for the month of April, Juliette's surely got a stellar outfit put together! She's centered a little bit more on bright and light colors, geared perfectly for this season. Starting off at the bottom, she's wearing a pair of black t-strap flats followed by classic denim jeans from American Apparel. Above that is a piece shouting spring, a white floral crop top which is underneath a women's vintage cardigan from the 1990s. Juliette proves that we can rock a piece of clothing no matter how old it is as long as we combine it with the right things to compliment it. Her outfit today also reflects her personality proving that fashion is an extension of our own personal characteristics. 

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