Everyday is Happy with Hawaiian Style

Then in this year’s musical I finally got in and had my very first part as Teihutu.
— Joell

The Face Behind the Fashion : Joell

Hawaiian culture never ceases to  bring fascination for the American mainstream, and its fashion seems to remind us of what it feels like to step foot on the island paradise.  Presenting his men's summer style is Joell whose outfit is from his role as Teihutu, a Hawaiian native, in the musical adaptation of the Nicholas Cage movie Honey Moon in Vegas which takes place partially on the famous Pacific isles. Teihutu is hired by the film's man antagonist, Tommy Korman, to distract Jack Singer, the main character, from finding Betsy, his girlfriend, who Korman "won" from him in a poker game. Although it seems that Teihutu is trying to aid Jack once he steps foot on Hawaii, Jack doesn't really know Teihutu's true intentions.

Joell mentions that his greatest challenge in playing Teihutu was figuring out whether his character was a sly guy doing dirty work for Tommy or a good guy just paid off to do someone else's bidding. It was, however, fun to entertain the audience with his Hawaiian charm when he took the stage. For the most part though, playing Teihutu was mostly natural for Joell. His role entails a comical and nonchalant fellow trying to give others a laugh which Joell was able to relate with very well. Teihutu was able to provide a nice touch of charisma and fun in a point where the main character, Jack, was having intense stress over finding girlfriend.

Through it all, Joell realized that he loves singing, dancing, and acting which are all key components of performing a musical. He struck gold getting this role but went through the struggles of not making the previous fall drama and spring musical. This didn't stop Joell, and he knew that when one door closes, another one opens. Only through never giving up and improving every time enabled Joell to really strut what he had in order to attain such a perfect casting. This new performer enjoyed spending everyday with his fellow cast and crew and making new memories as he took the stage. As with any production, those who were once friends eventually turn into family. 

A Classic Hawaiian Summer Style 

As a note from the author, when I first saw Joell wear this outfit during our dress rehearsal, I told him "We're definitely shooting this for the blog." I'm glad to say that we eventually did during our school's "Hawaiian Day." This men's Hawaiian outfit worn by Joell is perfect for some summer style! He's first rocking a pair of classic white sneakers from Vans followed by men's white chino shorts that really highlight the vibe of the coming season. His top is a men's red Hawaiian shirt and is finished by two well fitting accessories: a straw fedora with a floral accent and a colorful lei. For May and summer fashion inspiration, whether on the islands or the mainland, Joell's outfit is perfect for those sunny days.

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