Soaring to Victory with a Beautiful Maxi Skirt

Whether you win or lose, those blood, sweat, and tears were not wasted.
— Marissa

The Athlete behind the Fashion: Marissa

When you pour your all into something you're passionate about, not a single ounce of energy is wasted. Originally a soccer player, Marissa, today's spring into summer fashionista, eventually switched to a sport she'd never heard of until her teenage years, field hockey. It was a cool yet quirky game which did not come as easy as soccer did, but Marissa was ready for the challenge. No journey ever goes smoothly, and she's faced her set of difficulties. This athlete's broken a nose and taken a concussion which have halted seasons for her. Yet, the reward far outweighs the risk. Through blood, sweat and tears, Marissa has been a varsity player and starter since freshman year and was awarded for being the best scoring offensive player.

The memories of some of Marissa's games are well engraved in her mind. Way back when in her freshman year, she vividly remembers playing nearby Red Bank Regional with the scored tied one to one. This was the last game of the season, and her coach was hungry to end on a high note with a win. On the defense in the last couple of seconds in the game, the girls might have been done for at that moment, but then the ball suddenly switched possession into Marissa's stick. She flung it into the other team's net just as the whistle blew, winning the game by a single goal. Marissa jumped into her coach's arms, forever writing a positive opinion of the sport and her coach in Marissa's mind for the rest of her days in field hockey. 

The dedication of the team still flies it's colors even after the players graduate. Alumni often come back to meet the current players and enjoy a friendly game with a barbecue in the back. Whether playing against former athletes or in the last game of the season, Marissa always performs to the best of her ability. Even though she literally sheds blood, sweat, and tears, Marissa knows that sometimes even that isn't enough to win a game. However, whether she wins or loses, Marissa knows that what she puts in is never truly wasted. It's a rewarding feeling for her to hear the whistle blow as a game ends knowing that without a doubt, she put her heart out there regardless of the score or the odds against her team. 

Classic Jersey Style with a Hawaiian Vibe

We've seen looks from New York to California to Calgary to Texas, but today we're coming back to our roots to some awesome May fashion in New Jersey. Marissa's just rocking the perfect apparel for the spring into summer especially with that fabulous purple maxi skirt printed with absolutely stunning designs that add an undeniable amount of character. Next, she's wearing a grey crop tank top underneath a classic denim jacket. At the bottom is a pair of white summer sandals to complete the apparel that along with her other pieces, help to really bring out the beauty of her skirt which has a little bit of a Hawaiian vibe to it. For spring and summer fashion inspiration, Marissa's outfit is a hard one to beat! Check out more of Marissa by clicking here!

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