The Perfect May Floral Fashion

There was nothing more I loved than worrying about nothing other than just having fun.
— Alina

The Face Behind the Fashion: Alina

As May progresses, summer only seems to be a day away bringing its lighter fashion style, long days, cool nights, and unforgettable experiences including those vacations! Aside from bringing her own lovely spring and summer fashion inspiration, Alina also carries warm memories of the small Dutch island off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba, and speaks of what makes it her favorite spot. Although still a young lady, she's traveled to the island ten times bringing home another adventure to share every visit. The island has just about everything one could ask for packed into seventy square miles. Most special is the time she gets to spend with her family since as she grows older, it becomes a much harder thing to do. From the beaches to the natives, Aruba is truly "One Happy Island."

As Alina remembers, the geography of Aruba is one of beauty and diversity including mini-deserts filled with cacti to lush tropical forests to every tourist's favorite destination, the beaches. The amazing teal water and white warm sand are a picturesque sight along with the famous natural pools and rock bridge (which sadly collapsed a few years back). Along the horizon are also Aruba's magnificent sunsets reflecting across the clear ocean. Of course, Aruba is a place where being outdoors is key, and Alina has even watched the World Cup, since soccer is her favorite sport, on the beach through a huge screen. The tiny island just has a way of getting even the most indoorsy people exploring and presents a new adventure around every corner.

Yes, there's Hawaii and various other Caribbean islands out there that can offer a tourist just as wonderful of an experience, but Alina enjoys the smallness of Aruba that makes it unique. As she says, everything a vacationer wants to get done, they can do thanks to the relative closeness. No experience is missed out on! Yet, an island is also influenced by its people. Alina loves the hospitality were friendly residents also know four languages and carry their own kind of Dutch accent. Whether its the people, the weather, windsurfing, relaxing, or adventuring, Aruba always ticks the boxes for Alina's family, and even though the destination isn't very big, it always delivers.

Geared for a Perfect Summer Style

It's time for the summer whether we're going an island vacation or bringing out the warmer wardrobe. For Alina's delightful May fashion, she's first wearing, at the bottom, a pair of women's brown leather flip flops along with a pair of white ripped denim jeans that are always a staple of the season. Her top is a women's pink camisole which is underneath the centerpiece of her summer (and also spring) style, the black floral cardigan that includes flowing fringes and whose flowers match the cami too. Whether near home along the Jersey shore or on a night out while visiting an island nation, Alina's appealing apparel is perfect for these heated months! Check out more of Alina here!

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