The Incoming Princeton Student with A Great Preppy Style

I’m most excited to meet people from all around the world and join the crew team.
— Kasey

The Face Behind the Fashion: Kasey

Kasey is more than just well rounded. He graduated high school this year with over a 4.5 GPA, pioneered his robotics team, has been a vocal advocate for same sex marriage, and has a great men's preppy style. This young man's impressive, but he's also part of the next batch of great young minds at Princeton University. Kasey had many choices for college including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Yale, but Princeton won him over with the best financial aid, strong engineering and computer science programs, and a short distance from home. It's a university also very centered on its undergrads but very importantly, has one of the country's best teams in rowing, Kasey's favorite sport. 

Kasey's excited to meet his peers from all over the world but is a little worried about all the academic competition. Yet, there's competition outside of class too especially when he's training with the Princeton rowing team (whose boathouse is used by US Olympic Athletes). Just like with any big Division One team, Kasey will have to be extremely determined if he wants to earn a key spot. As Kasey says, if he wants to compete, he has to work for it. Yet, there is no doubt he will. This athlete has tried cross country, track, Jui Jitsu, swimming, and wrestling, but nothing ever stuck until he began rowing a few years back. The sport has pushed him to his limits in the past, and it will again. Be sure to look out for Kasey on the water for the Princeton Tigers!

Clearly, Princeton is rigorous in many different aspects, and it takes quite the student to get accepted. Kasey's main tip for getting into a college of this caliber is focusing and putting effort into things you like to do. In his past four years of high school, he's watched kids take up many clubs, but the truth is, being heavily involved in just a few activities is much more meaningful. Ivy League colleges aren't just looking for people who are incredibly smart; they want people who clearly know what they love to do. For Kasey, these included crew (of course), physics, robotics, and engineering. What's your passion?

A Classic Preppy Look for the Summer

And then, Kasey is also well dressed. What can he not do? Anyways, this spiffy college man is rocking an awesome preppy outfit for July fashion that has a palette of light and dark tones that compliment each other. Starting at the base, Kasey's wearing a pair of classic and sockless brown drivers that transition to slim fitting chino pants. Next, he has on a well fitting gingham shirt under a timeless navy blue blazer. Finished with a pair of sunglasses, a leather watch, and a matching belt, Kasey has the look perfect for any semi-formal event this summer. Hopefully, we'll be seeing more of him and his style at Princeton.

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