Urban Summer Style in the Heat and Battling Our Problems in the Street

Life isn’t worth living in a blur.
— Danielle

The Face Behind the Fashion: Danielle

The simple fact of our world is that it just isn't perfect. Some people live a difficult life struggling with circumstances such as drug addictions. Witnessing this first hand is today's featured women's street style individual, Danielle. She opened up about being in a former relationship where her significant other was a drug addict and also about having a close relative who went to jail for similar reasons. Since then, Dannie has surrounded herself with a better crowd, but her experiences have still played a significant role on who she wants to be in the future. For one, it has inspired her to associate with positive people, live a happy life, and become a drug and alcohol counselor for struggling communities. 

We live in a country where incarceration is more focused on punishment than rehabilitation and correction. As a counselor someday, Dannie hopes that she can get to the root of the problem as to why an addict feels they need to be under the influence. Perhaps it's home issues, peer pressure, an addictive personality, or disinterest with everyday life. At the end of the day though, the one thing they need the most is a help and someone to turn to without the fear of going to jail. Dannie knows that life is not worth living in a blur, and we'll never be able to put a full stop to our nation's and youth's drug problem. However, by becoming another option for rehabilitation, this young lady can play a part in minimizing the problem.

Of course, with all of Dannie's knowledge, she knows that one cannot force an addict to change themselves and a sober life is something they have to realize for themselves before seeking help. With what she's been through, Danielle is aware that it is a painful and emotional process to try to change someone in their current situation. Change is an incredibly scary thing, but luckily for Dannie, she has been able to witness a turnaround. After being in jail, her family member had a wake-up call and has been sober since, proving that the road to a recovery is always possible. Through it all, Danielle has become a strong person herself and has found a passion for a future career. 

Women's Street Style in the July Heat

On a lighter note, today's July fashion features a rocking women's summer style. In a season where it's hard to dress up due to the heat, Dannie is wearing the perfect black and white outfit. First, she's wearing a black Adidas crop top whose dark color contrasts and compliments her blonde hair. Next, Danielle's bottoms are a pair of classic denim shorts with a flannel wrapped around her waist for added depth to the look. Finally, on her feet are black Sk8-Hi Vans whose high top cut is a nice touch to a shorter length outfit. For summer fashion inspiration, Danielle proves it's possible to look great even when the temperature rises.

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