Immigrating from the Ukraine and a Lovely Lace Dress

I couldn’t speak any English.
— Jackie

The Face Behind the Fashion: Jackie

When people immigrate to the United States, usually they are adults and occasionally they are small children often too young to remember much about their home land. Less common but an even more interesting circumstance is being in adolescence but old enough to grasp the impact of coming to a new nation. This was the case of Jackie, today's August fashion featured individual, who came from the Ukraine at the age of 10. She remembers her native country as beautiful, peaceful, and full of nature when she left.  Although the Ukraine has been facing conflicts in recent years, Jackie carries fond memories of the land that still holds the majority of her extended family.

The journey to America began as a visit to see Jackie's grandfather who had been here for twenty years. Captured by the idea of the American dream, her family decided to stay forever. Jackie's father had always wanted to live in the States seeing the opportunity for a better education for his kids and a good place to begin a business. In turn, Jackie's dad opened up a car repair store that he still runs today. Unfortunately, this young lady's grandfather passed away in 2015, leaving the family with no other relatives in the US. However, they don't regret their decision since back in the Ukraine, it was hard to get ahead and become successful.

A new kid in America, Jackie also remembers that things weren't always so smooth at first. She, like anyone in her situation, was incredibly nervous at school, and even more so, she didn't speak any English. Jackie faced a lot of bullying for it, and it took her two years to fully master the language. Bullying in the US is a national issue for youth, and Jackie recalls that is was never a major problem to address in the Ukraine. With people of so many different backgrounds, Jackie knows that sometimes diversity comes at a cost. Still today, people find it hard to tolerate those who may not fit "the norm." In time though, Jackie adjusted to this new life, pulled through the intimidation and is now stronger than ever. She's incredibly popular!

A Beautiful Little Red Lace Dress

Summer fashion inspiration doesn't always need to be complicated and doesn't always require a thousand pieces with a thousand accessories. It'd be too hot for that anyway. For today's dose of August fashion, Jackie is strutting in a simple, but stunning outfit for the season that would also make a great girl's back to school outfit (not that we're excited to go back). The apparel is centered around this beautiful women's red lace dress that perfectly goes with Jackie's red lipstick! Alongside a pair of black and silver sandals, it's fabulous and straightforward. There's no doubt that Jackie is looking absolutely gorgeous.

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