Beating a Language Barrier, Coming Out of Your Shell, and Awesome Overalls

Seeing all these fresh faces all of a sudden was like someone hitting my head with a pan out of nowhere.
— Tony

The Face Behind the Fashion: Tony

We change throughout different stages of our existence gradually coming out of our shell. Tony, today's late summer fashion featured individual, has gone through ups and downs since the very beginning. For starters, he was born in the United States but moved back to China at only a few weeks old where he lived an easy life style and remembered being spoiled with limited discipline. Tony came back to the States at the age of five where his parents opened their own Chinese Dine-In and Take-Out restaurant called the Golden Dragon. Basically, he grew up in that Chinese store where he faced strangeness and struggle.

Back in the United States, Tony compares his experiences to "getting your head hit with a pan out of nowhere." His parents were a whole lot tougher on him here, and he spent a lot of time working for them in their store memorizing each dish by heart. Going to school was an even greater challenge as well. As Tony remembers, he didn't speak any English and no one else spoke Chinese (similar to Jackie from last week). Communication was a major struggle, and Tony used hand movements daily saying it was like he was deaf. Teachers wrote notes home on this almost regularly. In a world of isolation, it was also difficult for Tony to approach other kids and got called "gay, poor, and a loner."

Everything changed when he started high school. By now, he had been well accustomed to English for years. However, the most significant event was when Tony came out of the closet and became gay. He finally acted like himself in public and at home and was easily able to make new friends. From this point on, Tony recalls that he loved to make new friends and approach new people. However, Tony realized on the way that many of these new acquaintances weren't always real and were often untrustworthy and double-crossing. As he left high school, he also left these attachments behind. A lot less worried and more relaxed, Tony comments that "I still got it."

Our Favorite Late Summer Street Outfit

For a bit of August fashion, Tony has on a unique men's street outfit with a mix of nice light colors. The main piece would have to be the awesome men's light wash overalls that need to be seen more often. Next, he's got on a white short sleeve t-shirt from Abercrombie underneath while also having a yellow button up as his top layer. On his feet, Tony is rocking a pair of Vans's Charlie Brown Sneakers, and for an addition on top, he's also got on a white Adidas dad hat. By mixing and matching his palette, Tony has created a very aesthetically pleasing outfit. For summer fashion inspiration, this is definitely one of our favorite outfits!

Make this outfit: sneakers, overalls, t-shirt, button up, hat (Recreated to the best online match)