How Age is Just a Number and a Summer into Fall Romper Look

It’s about the person you are and the vibe you get.
— Gianna

The Face Behind the Fashion: Gianna

At the end of the day, how old you are is just another number and shouldn't restrict you from being friends with anyone. Proving this is today's awesome fashion featured individual for September, Gianna. When she started high school, she'd become friends with a lot of upperclassmen who were two or three years older than her. Of course, as we age, this difference begins to fade in significance but while we're only teenagers, that difference can mean a lot especially in maturity.  The one who befriended Gianna first was Danielle (who you can read about here) in their academy dance class. Gianna remembers that they initially had a strong dislike for each other until finding out they both really liked hip hop.

After a trip to the mall together, Gianna was introduced to Danielle's other friends including regulars on this blog such as Brian, Mike, Hunter, and Russell who have been featured in some of the site's all-time favorite posts. Although at the time of meeting them, some of Gianna's new friends were on their way out of high school while she had just begun. Yet, she recalls that no one really knew about the difference in years, and everyone assumed her and Dani were just the same age. As Gianna mentions, what really matters is maturity level, not so much of age at the end of it. Certainly, people can be a lot older but lack maturity or be a lot younger and have a lot of it. 

As any high school kid knows when the year ends, friends leave to go to college, and it's a difficult thing to say goodbye. A few of Gianna's group have gone on to a higher education but luckily a lot of them are still nearby, and certainly, she still has a lot of friends in high school. No matter what, there will always be good memories such as Gianna getting in skating, a popular activity among her friends, or their late night summer parties. Through being with them, Gianna's also learned not to worry about the small issues, to let go of things that don't matter, and to just live life. At the of the day, the people we're with mold our good experiences, and we can find that these people are sometimes much older or much younger. Age is just a number, and there are much more important factors to decide if someone is friendship compatible. 

Transitioning from Summer to Fall Fashion

We're back to school and back with a dose of September fashion. This month is really a transition phase between fall and summer, and Gianna has on an outfit that encompasses both vibes. Beginning at the bottom, she's wearing a pair of women's high top Chuck Taylors, a shoe that has always been a classic and great go to, Then, she has on a lovely, light blue, floral romper that is reminiscent of the past few months' flowing nature. Finally, for the bit of chill that's come with the impending fall season, Gianna's also wearing a light zip-up hoodie that matches the tone of her converse. This completes a simple but fabulous outfit. 

Make this look: Converse, romper, zip-up hoodie (Recreated to best online match)