Seeing Makeup as an Art Form and the First Official Fall Outfit

I always tell others that no one needs to wear makeup. You should wear it because it’s fun and an art.
— Kareena

The Face Behind the Fashion: Kareena

Art means many different things to many different people. In the eyes of Kareena, today's early fall fashion featured individual, art means makeup. Kareena used to be very fond of drawing but soon exchanged pen and paper for a brush and skin. With makeup, she feels that many different images can be created. As an example, Kareena mentions that a distinct eye shadow can bring out the color of the eye in a unique way or contouring and highlighting can bring out certain facial structures. Her skill really has the ability to be diverse and new every time. Expressing feelings and personality is also another key component of using makeup.

Kareena remembers she got into her passion in the sixth grade when she wondered how other girls varied the way they looked. She knew for sure that they had to be using makeup, and Kareena began playing with eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara. Her techniques and knowledge have evolved over the years, but even today, Kareena still discovers alternative ways to emphasize her facial characteristics. For people new to makeup, Kareena would recommend brands such as Morphe, Colorpop, NYX, or L'Oreal. She also believes that anyone can get into makeup, even guys can. The art of makeup has no restrictions as to who can use it.

Although Kareena enjoys applying makeup to others and improving their confidence, she herself does not wear make up for that reason. Kareena mentions that she wears it because it's fun and creative, not necessarily to hide imperfections or insecurities. As said earlier, make up is an art form. It's always great to get compliments, but the true reward is knowing you've taken part in a beautiful craft. To continue her love of make up, Kareena plans to help others advance their own techniques by starting her own Youtube channel, something she's really been looking into a lot lately. Certainly, Kareena is very dedicated and takes a lot of pride in this practice, perhaps the most personal form of art. 

The First Official Fall Outfit

Now it's officially fall, and Kareena has on a fabulous outfit for a taste of September fashion. Her look will be perfect as the temperatures begin to drop. Kareena's first piece is a loose turtleneck top in black which drapes nicely over her pair of classic denim jeans. Its medium wash works well for this season as we transition into darker colors. At the base, she has on knee-high ankle boots that will soon become a staple of the coming months. Finally, to match the boots and top, Kareena has a little black leather backpack, perfect for little adventures or for holding a few school supplies. This all ties together to provide today's lovely fall fashion inspiration. 

Make this outfit: boots, jeans, top, bag (Recreated to the best online match)