Finding Intimacy in Recovery and End of Summer Street Style

He always wants to make me happy.
— Nicole

The Face Behind the Fashion: Nicole

Having a significant other can be a powerful and positive change. Nicole, today's end of summer fashion featured individual, met her boyfriend, Joey, at weekly meetings during her stages of recovery. She remembers that they both wanted to talk to each other but were too timid. In turn, Nicole always took the initiative to dress well to grab his attention. Joey did eventually ask for her number, a moment Nicole was excited for. She recalls that their first date, at a Japanese restaurant called Ganja, was a bit nerve wrecking until realizing they had a lot of common ground. Since then, they've gotten along very well, and Nicole adds that "I've really liked him from the moment we've met." 

Both of them have gone through similar difficult problems but share more than meets the eye. Nicole says that they have the same taste in music, have mutual friends, can both be shy and awkward, and both struggle with anxiety. Through it all, Nicole and Joey are always there for each other every step of the way. Besides significant others, the pair has become best friends, and Joey never fails to care for Nicole or put a smile on her face. She knows very well that her boyfriend can be a very sensitive guy, an assumption a lot of people don't make at first because Joey has a lot of tattoos. She's also learned that trust and communication are key and that it doesn't take a lot of money to have fun together. Love has definitely been a force for the greater good between them and has taught valuable lessons. 

Wait, There's A Second Outfit for the Guys Too!

There's still a couple more warm days left this month. For a little bit of late summer fashion and September fashion, Nicole is showing her awesome women's street style along the beach of Lawrence Harbor. Starting it all are her women's checkerboard slip on vans followed by a pair of light wash denim shorts. Next, Nicole's most interesting piece is the black lace up top which goes very well with the ladies' fishnet tights. Then, she completes her great outfit with vintage glasses, a choker necklace, and a HUF dad hat. If you scroll down, you'll realize that there is also another great outfit hidden in this post too! Joey makes his appearance with his own men's summer street style. He's wearing an oversized tie dye t-shirt, white hat, ripped black denim jeans, and a pair of blush Old Skool vans. The both of them offer double the inspiration for today!

Build Nicole's outfit: sneakers, tights, shorts, top, hat. Build Joey's outfit: sneakers, jeans, t-shirt, hat (Recreated to the best online match)