Having Triple the Dedication and Back to School with a Camo Tee

If you ever need advice either trust yourself or look to God because both know you the best.
— Jesse

The Fashion Behind the Fashion: Jesse Finney

Most people have one thing that they are incredibly passionate about but today's September fashion featured individual, Jesse, is extremely talented and dedicated in multiple fields. To begin with, his plans after high school include taking college courses at the Coast Guard Academy and then moving onto full-time service of his country. Jesse's entire family has been in the military, and he sees it as his destiny to join the armed forces as well. His own father had been in the Navy for over three decades and met Jesse's mother while stationed in Japan. Growing up in a military family, Jesse has moved around a lot living in Washington, Kansas, Idaho, and his favorite, Montana. These places house some of his best childhood experiences, and the military will be a great opportunity to see the world again.

His dedication doesn't end there. Jesse has been active in karate for years and has a black belt in Goju Kai and Shotokan as well as a brown belt in Brazilian Jujitsu. He has many accomplishments in the sport including a gold medal and two bronze in the 2016 National Championship and is one of the country's top youth athletes in the discipline of martial arts. Jesse's ultimate goal is to be an Olympian and has even trained under Olympian Ariel Torres. His hope is to join the US Team and compete for 2020. As a testament to his skills, Jesse has also been sponsored by Zen Athletics which provides help with airfare and gear. 

Jessie is passionate about music as well. He loves to make instrumentals from scratch and seeing where he can take them. For him, it feels great to sit down and produce a beat that his favorite artists such as Metro Booming would make. A favorite rapper as a kid was actually Eminem but more recently, Jesse has taken inspiration from up and coming performers and use to listen to Famous Dex and Playboi Carti before their rise to fame. Although Jesse has only been making music for around six months, he has seen multiple new artists take an interest in his creations. He hopes that if karate doesn't work out, perhaps there will be a future in being a producer some day. 

Camo Tee and a Ferragamo Belt

He comes from a military family, is an expert in karate, loves to make music, and on top of that, is incredibly stylish. There's not much more one could ask for. For a taste of men's fall street fashion, Jesse has on a great back to school look. To begin the outfit, Jesse's wearing pair of black Old Skool Vans that transition into men's white moto jeans, a nice change up from a regular pair of denim. The flair of his outfit comes in the form of a long sleeve camo tee decorated with printed red roses. Yet, the most interesting piece has to be the white and gold Ferragamo belt, a gift from his Olympian trainer. With a canvas L.L. Bean backpack, fall fashion inspiration has never been better. 

Make this outfit: sneakers, jeans, camo tee, belt, backpack (Best Match). Follow Jesse on Instagram @jc.fv and check out his new Youtube Channel JaceFamous.