Breaking the Boundaries of Friendship + Timeless Argyle Sweater Vest Vibes

There are always people out there to be friends with.
— Jason

The Face Behind the Fashion: Jason Nunez

Change is difficult. Change is scary. But sometimes, it's for the better in ways not expected. Jason Nunez, wearing some classic and timeless men's fashion, shares his experiences with his best friend during childhood, Gabe, who had to move away from America. Jason remembers when he first met Gabe when they were five, just as Jason's family settled in Cliffwood Beach. By coincidence, Jason just happen to meet Gabe at the local waterfront, and after playing a round of catch, Jason saw that they both had passions for sports like baseball and football. Their parents exchanged numbers, and keeping in touch was easy, only being a few miles away. 

Jason recalls the countless hours of video games and sports they played at Gabe's house. He was quite competitive as Jason mentions who himself was the opposite, but it did little to hamper their bond. Before they knew it, Jason and Gabe were ten, and Gabe was about one of the only friends Jason had. He didn't talk to other people much and mentions he had trouble finding friends in school. Jason was a pretty shy guy, but at least he had Gabe whose family he was also close with. As they got a bit older, Gabe taught Jason about expressing himself to others, and Jason began to grow his circle of friends. But the two were torn apart when Gabe's family decided to move back to Costa Rica, missing their home.

Saying he was heartbroken only scratched the surface. Jason felt as if he had lost his second family. He didn't know if anyone could every replace Gabe, and it scared Jason a lot. Both of them didn't have personal phones and communication nearly ground to a halt. Jason's parents told him that Gabe's leaving didn't have to stop him from finding new friends in new places. So in turn, Jason took the initiative to be more outgoing and funnier. When he finally did get a smartphone, he also boosted his sociability.  Jason enjoyed making people laugh and smile, and his plethora of new friends changed the way he viewed relationships. It's sad to say but Gabe faded into the background until after six years, Jason got in touch with him again. It's a bit peculiar, but Jason will never forget that Gabe played a big part in molding who he is today. 

Wearing a Timeless Sweater Vest Look

Jason's bringing back his classic and timeless men's fashion. This outfit is one that's lived through the ages and can be worn well by just about any guy. It all starts with the men's dark blue, argyle sweater vest with a strong red and white design. Underneath is a check dress shirt along with a sleek and solid blue tie. Jason then finishes his look off cleanly with a shiny pair of men's black slip on loafers and black dress pants. Well suited for picture days or semi-formal events, Jason's apparel can be worn time and time again. 

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