Becoming a Well Rounded Student and Performer + Double Jacket Street Style

Focus on goals that allow you to accomplish your dreams step by step.
— Shayna

The Face Behind the Fashion: Shayna

It's never too late to make a change in yourself, and in order to pursue our dreams, we must also work hard in fields that may not be directly related to that dream. Shayna remembers that she struggled at the beginning of high school and got herself into a lot of trouble, but she had a wake call. She ended up getting high honor roll throughout her senior year and achieved her goal of going into a performing arts school with a vocal performance major. Shayna knew she didn't come from a regular household and that many people doubted she would graduate high school, but this singer didn't let any outside opinion stop her from her goals.

Shayna had always been working hard to improve herself vocally. She's had tons of different vocal teachers from when she was young, inspiring her immensely. For Shayna, singing is therapeutic and touches her heart. Throughout high school, she had participated in Vocal Academy, All Shore, and All State Women's Choir. Her attitude towards education itself had changed in high school, and Shayna worked diligently to increase her testing scores and GPA, becoming well rounded in performing and in studying. Today, Shayna's abilities have landed her at Westminister Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey with a hefty scholarship.

College, of course, has had its ups and downs. For Shayna's first semester, she took a total of seven classes already on top of piano practice, singing, and other homework. However, Shayna mentions that she enjoys her classes and learning the fundamentals of becoming a lifelong musician. The young performer does wish she could focus on genres other than classical, but every class puts her further into her goal of being on the stage as a career. Through her experiences of changing her attitude towards education and being an excellent vocalist, Shayna comments that we should focus on our dreams one step at a time and to not let what has already happened to have an effect on the future. 

A Cozy and A Leather Jacket for the Winter

Shayna's hitting us with her women's street style for a taste of January fashion. This streetwear idea first consists of a pair of low top black sneakers followed by slashed jeans. Her tops are made up of three layers with the bottom being a dark purple tee. Next, Shayna's wearing a hooded, burgundy leather jacket, a lighter tone to her shirt. Finally, she has on a cozy white coat to complete her winter layers and to add a different, brighter vibe to the overall look. With complimenting jackets, jeans, sneakers, and tees, Shayna's delivering her idea to our women's style guide. 

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