The Power of a Parent + A New Bright Pink Coat for the New Year

I’m just so grateful to have someone to share anything and everything with.
— Kristine

The Face Behind the Fashion: Kristine 

Never underestimate the power of a parent. Kristine, today's pink winter fashion featured individual, shares the story of her mom who was a young single parent of two kids for years. Kristine remembers that her mother was busy every day, working two jobs but still making time to help the kids with school work. Kristine's mom didn't get a lot of outside help but serves as a pillar of ambition and dedication. For Kristine, her mom was an idol who managed to juggle more responsibilities than her hands could carry. Most importantly, Kristine says her mother had a big heart. But luckily, her stepdad came into the picture and became so close with his new kids that to them, he's just dad. 

When her mom was still on her own, Kristine recalls that she would help with spelling and reading in the kitchen every day. If she was lucky, Kristine would also accompany her mom to work as she waitressed. Kristine would give her mom a hand, collecting the tips and sweeping small areas. It was something for Kristine to cherish growing up because her mom would only take one of the kids along with her. Kristine's mother also inspired her to get into art too and even though they didn't have a lot, her mom bought her supplies for making pictures to take to work. If there has been anything Kristine has learned from watching this incredible woman, it's to be open-minded, respectful, and to always give 100%. 

Kristine's stepdad came into her life when she was around eight. It was like having her mom in another form. He saw her mom's charm and quickly adapted to her lifestyle, ready to tackle the challenge of raising kids. Kristine's stepdad was at first a stranger but rapidly became her best friend. He too developed a strong dedication to Kristine and her brother, taking them fishing, playing sports, and going to the park. More recently, he's been teaching Kristine how to drive, a big milestone. Ever since her stepfather came into the picture, working as a team with her mother, life has been revolutionized, and he is now a person Kristine strives to make proud.

Rockin' Pink in the New Year

Kristine is rocking her own new year style in pink winter fashion that was shot in our local Burger Shop with its 50s vibes. First, of course, she is wearing a lovely pink hooded coat that nicely compliments the lighter tone of her outfit. Next, she has on a pair of awesome tan heeled booties and a pair of light wash denim jeans. Finally, for a bit of contrast, Kristine is also wearing a women's black long sleeve top. With a vibrant coat and bright smile, Kristine gives her taste of January fashion for this season and new year. 

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