Growing Up With a Ball, Bat, and Glove + Showcasing the Baseball Street Style

Get good grades. Being an athlete comes second.
— Christian

The Face Behind the Fashion: Christian Rivera 

Natural talent will only get you so far. It's putting in the work and practice that will get you farther. Christian, who is today's January fashion featured individual, remembers how he used to live on a street called North and Willow, just down the block from a baseball field. His father brought him to train there since he was three, barely even able to run. But Chrisitan's dad had a lot of faith in his son, having played All-State baseball in his own youth. Since then, Christian has not put the ball and glove down and has played for childhood teams under the names of the Orioles, Mariners, Mud Dogs, Hitmen, and now as a teenager, the Matawan Huskies. 

Christian's played a variety of positions including shortstop, second base, and pitcher. He mentions that his favorite would have to be  shortstop because it requires him to take charge and be active in the plays. This year, Christian has been working on both his offensive and defensive skills, even going as far as Hudson Baseball Center in Union City, to improve himself, hoping to make varsity in his sophomore year. He strives to show the coaches what he's got this season. Making the team would be a milestone for Christian, comparable to hitting his first homerun all the back when he was eleven. 

Baseball, in the end, means the world to Christian as it gives him a greater sense of freedom and inspiration to be better each day. His life has become so accustomed to baseball that he cannot picture himself playing any other sport. The time and effort Christian has put in has taught him to never stop pursuing his goals. Christian also has some wise advice. You should always strive to be a better athlete but also a better student as well. It's first important to get the grades, having the athletics come second. Knowledge is equally as vital as ability. He mentions as well to keep motivated, honest, and know that hard work will pay off in time. 

Presenting a Baseball Street Style

To match his baseball lifestyle, Christian is rocking some baseball based street fashion for today's January style. Starting at the bottom, he's wearing a pair of red and white Jordan 13s followed by a pair of tan-grey jogger pants. His top is an iconic red Cardinals jersey, which establishes itself as the focal point of the outfit. Finally, Christian tops it off with a tan embroidered rose hat to go with the joggers. With strong red colors, Christian is able to make his apparel pop. 

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