Finding Balance in the Busyness + Layering Up with Knitwear and a Green Jacket

I’m trying to take everything one day at a time.
— Zack

The Face Behind the Fashion: Zack Hall

Balance. It's a word we all wish to find some way and somehow. In a world of constant needs, wants, wishes, hopes, and aspirations, the craziness of it all can make balance a blur. Today, we're sharing both the men's winter street fashion and story of Matawan High School track star, Zack Hall. Besides track, also on his hands are school, SATs, and planning for the future. 2018 has become the year of reaching goals for Zack whether it includes breaking track records, being consistent with his grades, scoring well on his standardized tests, or even figuring out what he'd enjoy doing for the rest of his life. He aims to extend both his athletic and mental barriers. 

Track has been a key aspect of Zack's life, and his dedication to it takes up a lot of time during the week. As an upperclassman, he has to both push his performance and set an example for those younger than him. Luckily, Zack's already been making a name for himself having had been a part of the school's record for the 4 by 200 and 4 by 400 relays. Of course, this isn't without hard work, and this young athlete practices six out of seven days a week even in the freezing cold. But it's all worth the grind. Zack feels as if he's found his place and has also learned resilience, persistence, modesty, humility, and friendship. Track has given him great confidence in himself too.

Athletics must also be balanced with school and study. For starters, Zack's been reviewing hard for the SATS, hoping to score well on his first attempt. He's also working to keep his grades up as he knows that sports alone will not get him into college. Although this athlete knows he loves track, Zack has also been looking for what he'd be passionate about as a career. Afterall, as he mentions, if you can find something you love to do, you won't really work a day in your life. For him, it seems an utmost important thing to discover the ideal career for him, but it'll come in time. For now, even though it feels as though everything is being thrown at him, Zack is taking everything one day at a time. 

Layering Up for the Cold Winter

Showcasing his black and green outfit along Main Street Matawan, Zack is battling in the cold in three winter layers. The first layer is a knit black sweater dotted with white fabric to add texture. On top of that is a knit black hoodie which is then reinforced by a men's green field jacket to supply a pop of color. The pants are a pair of thick black joggers followed by low cut Puma sneakers. To complete the look, Zack is also wearing a classic Adidas hat to pull it all together. To those who enjoy getting dressed, winter is somewhat of a secret blessing allowing us to get creative with the multiple layers.

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