Having to Start Over in Soccer + Black Flannels, Pink Hoodies, and Adidas Sneakers

I still play because I love the game
— Marco

The Face Behind the Fashion: Marco

When you fall down, you can rise back up again, often the theme of this year's Winter Olympics. An athlete himself in soccer, Marco is bringing his streetwear idea for February fashion as well as sharing his story about the sport that's intertwined within him. His family lives for soccer with Marco's dad a coach and also from South America, where soccer is everything. Marco's younger sister also plays, participating in the highest level league for girls. For Marco, he's seen his share of ups, downs, triumphs, and devastating injuries. Although he's experienced some setbacks recently, he still continues to play because soccer is what he loves to do. 

Marco's played for the Developmental Academy's Cedar Stars Team in Monmouth County who are in the nation's high tier. Cedar Stars is a year-round commitment where there are players fully committed to the sport. The team requires a lot of traveling and expenses, but it's a great honor to be part of such a prestigious league of athletes. Devastatingly, during mid-season, Marco broke his ankle, taking him out of the game. Marco's broken the other ankle, a wrist, and suffered from knee problems, but that injury while playing for Cedar Stars stopped him from being able to be at this higher level. Since then, he's gone through physical therapy and has reverted back to the basics to re-prefect his abilities.

This year, Marco decided to play varsity for his high school team. It's not as intense as Cedar Stars and the season is only 2-3 months, but Marco at least gets to play locally and alongside close friends from his classes. No matter where he's playing or who he's playing for, there's nothing that will stop Marco from being in the sport he's enjoyed since he could keep the ball between his feet. At the end of the day, soccer helps Marco clear his mind and is, of course, a very fun thing to do. For sources of inspiration, Marco looks up to Brazilian Soccer Player Neymar as well as his dad, who's taught him nearly everything he knows. 

Bright Streetwear Style in February 

For today's February fashion, Marco's actually bringing a dose of early spring streetwear style with his lighter choice of colors. Beginning with the shoes, Marco's wearing a pair of I-5923 Adidas in dark blue that carry a hint of retro to them. His jeans are bright men's light wash skinny jeans that are followed by a salmon pink hoodie to continue this lighter style. Finally, Marco's layering it on with a black and white buffalo check flannel to add a taste of darker contrast. 

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