An Everlasting Smile + Couples Outfits from Valentine's Day

No one makes me as happy as he does.
— Bella

The Couple Behind the Fashion: Matt and Bella

Say hello to Matt and Bella, the featured couple from yesterday's Valentine's Day Fashion. They each enjoy being around each other and personally know that they wouldn't want to spend their time any other way. Bella and Matt laugh so much as a couple and share a sense of humor, clicking from the very beginning. Even though they've been together for over three years, their relationship only gets more exciting each and every time they are together. Most importantly for Matt, he would do anything to make Bella smile, even if it sometimes means having to embarrass himself. He'll go to great lengths to make Bella happy.

Matt and Bella are both beautiful, funny, and smart people, but they also share their differences. Matt is athletic and loves to both watch and play sports. This year, he was the soccer captain of his high school varsity team. Bella, on the other hand, is a distinguished thespian. She enjoys being on the stage, whether in a drama, musical or as a hostess for school events. But they've also made an effort to bridge this gap between them. Matt has joined Bella for the high school's variety show, a series of SNL-like musical numbers and skits, for the past three years while Bella takes every opportunity to cheer Matt on the soccer field. 

Matt and Bella's flexibility to meet changing tides has definitely made their relationship special. Matt finds it amazing how they can have days out in New York, seeing museums, watching shows, and eating expensive meals and then choosing to stay in and relax for other days. Whether they have a jam-packed day or a lazy one, they both have the same amount of fun and laughter because the common factor that they have is each other. As Matt says, there's nothing boring with Bella, and there aren't many people who can keep him entertained constantly. They both have big hearts and big personalities but always find a way to come together in the middle. 

Couples Fashion from Valentine's Day

Matt and Bella are popping out for date night with their red and blue outfits for February fashion. First, Matt is rocking a pair of leather sneakers, beige chinos, a royal blue button down, gray quarter zip, and cozy gray beanie. As for Bella, she's looking fabulous with black over the knee boots, black tights, and a black skirt. Her top is a red knit sweater, perfect for this February holiday, followed by a snuggly large plaid scarf that compliments her look very well. Whether it's Valentine's Day or a Friday Night Date, both of their outfits are great for a romantic occasion.

Make a similar outfit (Bella): boots, tight, skirt, sweater, scarf

Make a similar outfit (Matt): sneakers, chinos, sweater, shirt, beanie