The Task of the Stage Manager + Outdoor and Artsy Women's Style

I trust in my crew and know whatever we have to face, we’ll get through it.
— Jess

The Face Behind the Fashion: Jess

The things we love to do can stress us out, but it's through challenges that we can reap rewards. The February fashion featured individual of the day is Jess who is the stage manager of her high school theatrical productions. She loves to bring the shows to life, making designs into physical props and moving sets that give the performers a medium to work with. It's also a joy to see the audience's faces as they witness the culmination of all the effort put into each show. Jess's experiences in stage crew begin all the way back in eighth grade. She wasn't quite sure what she was getting herself into, but artists like her were needed. Since then, Jess has loved sticking with it.

It's certainly not easy to manage every nook and cranny of the set. No one idea for a set always remains either. Designs are constantly changing, which can be tedious, but that's just what happens when many creative minds each contribute to the final product. The end result always just seems to work out though. Of course, running the show smoothly itself is not an easy feat. It's definitely no improvisation, and every movement done perfectly is crucial to success. But being part of the crew brings a lot of pride. Jess managed her first show this year, the fall drama called Noises Off. It contained a two story, 8 piece set that had to be rotated twice during the performance. It was overwhelming, but with well planned organization and precise team work, in the end, it worked out unbelievably well. 

As the stage manager, Jess does a lot of behind the scenes work, making the crew run as efficiently as possible. A lot of the time, she doesn't see too much appreciation, but the reward comes in the form of feeling accomplished for the art she took a part in creating. Although they do not receive the same recognition that the actors do, Jess and her crew give their sets everything they've got and share secret traditions that have lasted production after production. Spending so much time with a dedicated lot has produced a family aspect in crew, and the dedicated members have forged relationships through all the stress and hardship. For her next task on the musical My Favorite Year, Jess looks forward to the challenges ahead. 

An Outfit that's Outdoorsy Yet Artsy

Today, we're featuring Jess's casual winter style with a bit of an outdoor, rugged but artsy vibe. First, she's wearing a brown buttoned jacket with that more earthly feel which is also layered with a classic white top and a dark blue flannel for some depth. A staple to any outdoor-esque look, Jess has on a pair of blue jeans that extend the color of her flannel. Finally, she's rocking a pair of women's tan wedge booties to complete her winter style.

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