Biotech Grad Rocks Red And Black Summer Style

You need to choose what’s right for you, the environment you will flourish in the best.
— DeVonn

The Face Behind the Fashion: DeVonn

Sharing his summer style and also his educational memories over the past 4 years, DeVonn is a recent graduate of the prestigious Biotechnology High School in Monmouth County, New Jersey. He finds that his experience with school is quite unique. This young man came from the small town of Keyport where he performed academically at the top of his class until attending Biotech where students are hand picked. Although in a comparable physical environment, mentally this was hardly the same with students employing different methods to succeed in an extremely competitive environment. DeVonn found that he went from a big fish in a little pond to a little fish in a big pond, a challenging change for anybody.

Biotech is a fantastic school, especially for those pursuing science with a large majority going on to science related majors in college. During these four years, DeVonn found himself gradually gravitating more towards music production rather than a field in STEM. This school also has a rigorous IB program, in many ways more harsh than the regular AP system found in regular public schools. In this program, students are given a hard curriculum that aims to push pupils to find new ways of thinking about a problem or assessment. Although it does work for some students, DeVonn sees that the IB program still needs a lot of work and isn't meant for everyone. As he says, the best environment to flourish in is separate and different for every person, and there is no single path to lead a student to achieve well academically. 

Regardless, DeVonn has had his share of positive memories including overnight trips to the Junior State of America. Shorted often to JSA, this organization has students debate over relevant political issues, and with many participants, DeVonn gets to see many different viewpoints on the same topic. Although interested mainly in science, many Biotech students are also very musically gifted, and DeVonn has had good times performing in his school's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Musical and various other concerts filled with student lead groups. DeVonn may have had mixed feelings about his high school experience, but he definitely looks forward to attending Rutgers next fall. He anticipates discovering more of himself and meeting new people after coming from a class of under 90 students. 

Chill Summer Style in Tatum Park

While exploring Tatum Park, across from the famous Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown, DeVonn is rocking his own summer style and July fashion. Working our way up, he's first wearing a pair of classic canvas Old Skool Vans followed by black drawstring shorts. For his tops, DeVonn has on an awesome black printed button shirt with a simple red v-neck to nicely match the red graphics. Making the look complete is a must have item for any activity this season, a pair of aviator sunglasses. Although not part of the outfit but certainly part of the look, DeVonn's hair also adds a lot of personality and character. Perfect for an outdoor barbecue or walk in the park, DeVonn's appearance and summer fashion inspiration are absolutely prime.

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