Norris Danta Ford: From Living in Foster Care to Becoming a DIY Fashion Icon

I encourage others to be their own designer and sew things that only you like.
— Norris

The Face Behind the Fashion: Norris Danta Ford

Presenting his fantastic and colorful men's fashion style is Norris Danta Ford. Calling this man unique is an understatement, and his story is perhaps one of the most uplifting on the blog. Norris originates from the small country town of Thomasville in South Georgia only about twenty minutes north of Tallahassee, Florida. In the dawn of their childhood, Norris and his younger sister grew up in multiple foster homes. Some days they would leave for school in one house and be picked up and dropped off in a new location later. Although when he was 6, Norris and his sister got adopted into a great home with Christine and Edgar Ford whose last name Norris now holds proudly. These days, Norris resides on the other side of the country in sunny Los Angeles.

Norris is a man who has an undoubtedly great sense of style, but he remembers his humble beginnings. Ford recalls that he got into fashion without even knowing it. When he and his sister were moving from place to place, there were constant visitors who held for them a hope of adoption. In effect, they would get creative with the clothes they had and made different outfits in order to stand out. Eventually, this did work and got them both permanently adopted. Ever since this, Norris has known that his appearance can be a very powerful and important piece of him. Having been born into a difficult situation, Ford also hopes that he can inspire those in poor communities to see fashion as a potential future career as it has played a significant part in shaping his own life.

Today, Norris plays a remarkable role in the world of fashion. In this industry, he has had the pleasure of working as a wardrobe stylist for the likes of GQ and cultural icons such as Prince.  Currently and over the past year, he has transitioned into being a DIY Blogger showing his self-made clothes. However, one of his biggest jobs is being the creative director and pattern designer for SEWSEW DEF magazine which caters to the sewing community. This magazine publishes bimonthly and is the first to truly appeal to all genders and ethnicities. Norris also works closely with his lady Mimi Goodwin who runs her own online sewing school called SEW IT ACADEMY, an online platform that teaches students sewing from the very beginning. Ford himself learned to sew only 10 months ago and enjoys the process greatly from making his own custom pieces to distributing designs commercially. 

Presenting Apparel that is Personal 

Fashion is the art that we have the chance to participate in every day. It has certainly been huge in Norris's life and gives him the confidence to be himself no matter the situation.  He describes his style as eclectic since his tastes come from a variety of inspiration. Many people have described him as "dandy" due to his elements of men's dapper fashion such as his suave pink suit below, but Norris also presents that LA street style vibe as well including the totally awesome velvet green jumpsuit above. For the most part, you won't find many of his clothes in stores which pertains to his favorite outfit, the red overalls. As said before, Ford makes much of his own apparel stating that this is much more personal. Yet, that look also includes an HM shirt, Pocket Square Clothing bow tie, Ralph Lauren jacket, and Bass shoes.  He encourages everyone to be their own designer but mentions too that shopping is still a large aspect of building our wardrobe. 

Check out Mimi G. Style, SEWSEW DEF Magazine, and most importantly! Also, follow him on Instagram @norrisdantaford!