Maysoon Bastoni: From London to Jordan

I grew up with such a mix of cultures which has always contributed to my character.
— Maysoon

The Face Behind the Fashion: Maysoon

A new type of post is beginning on Paulo Paradox centering on fashion from around the globe to truly extend our mission of sharing inspiration from a variety of different people. Today's fashionista is Maysoon who grew up half Moroccan and half Palestinian with an original home in Britain. She was born and raised specifically in London but after a few years moved to Jordan. Today's worldwide blogger has experienced a great mix of cultures due to a diverse background, and this has always contributed to her character and view on life. Her exposure to tons of different people has also allowed Maysoon to connect with many individuals regardless of race, religion, age, or background.

Reporting Worldwide Social Issues on Multiple Platforms

Maysoon is currently a Newsroom coordinator for the BBC, but she also runs an awesome personal blog on the side. Maysoon's blog has allowed her to create a platform for social activism including women's rights issues as well as for her unique style. It truly helps her stand out since there are not many bloggers out there who center on both. For her, fashion means confidence, ambition, excitement, friendship, opportunity, and most importantly passion. She never sees herself leaving her job on television but finding her own way to combine the issues facing the world, fashion tutorials, blog posts, and photography will always be another vital part of her. 

Check out Maysoon's stellar blog here and her Instagram here!