Khira Goins: Featuring Vintage Tennessee Fashion

That’s it. I want to be a part of something like that.
— Khira

Fashion From Knoxville Tennessee: Khira Goins

We're all just trying to find the place in the puzzle that we fit into. Just know that we're never bound to only one path. Khira Goins, today's lovely blogger for April fashion, originally grew up right outside of Knoxville, Tennessee in a very small town. Due to her humble beginnings, Khira is determined to make it big some day especially in the world of fashion. She originally got into clothing in middle where sketching designs was a common pastime.  Although Khira thought her designs weren't so great, this was her initial memory of falling in love with apparel. Yet, she strayed away from it for awhile after wanting to pursue business, science, and math.

Coming Back to What She Loves

Unhappy with what she doing in her first year of college, Khira skipped class one day and watched the Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton Documentary. At that moment, she thought to herself, "That's it. I want to be a part of something like that." In turn, Khira began her own blog and immersed herself back into the industry. Currently, she's working in jewelry as a merchandising assistant but plans to return to school. There, Khira wants to learn how to merge sustainability with fashion on a deeper level. On a personal perspective, fashion means many things to her at once: design, interaction, research, observation, photography, journalism, current events, textiles, and art. As she says, nothing in fashion is truly stable, and no one trait functions without the others.

Looking Forward to a Fashion Future

Khira hopes that in her future she can use her knowledge and experience to create a better fashion industry for us all. She's glad that many of these experiences so far have included incredible people, but as Khira mentions, she's not even half way to where she wants to be. It's a long road ahead, and today's blogger recently moved back to Knoxville from Nashville. There's still a lot left to discover about the city she spent her childhood near, and Khira certainly will be able grow in her familiar yet new surroundings. Check out more of Khira's story and her style by clicking on this link to her awesome fashion blog!

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