Irene Shim: A Vibrant Los Angeles Style

I am able to communicate who I am to others without having to speak.
— Irene

Fashionista, Talent Coordinator, Adventurist: Irene Shim

A California native, Irene Shim was originally from Orange County but currently lives in the sprawling and diverse city of Los Angeles. She's loving every second of her environment that's the perfect place to have fun and pursue career goals. Irene is presently working as a talent coordinator for an advertising firm where she gets the opportunity to connect with celebrities and social influencers. Aside from her occupation, Irene also enjoys the countless places to explore and eat in LA. One of her favorite places to eat is the Zinc Cafe located in her favorite part of the city, the Arts District. There's no better place or location to truly match the vibrant vibe of Irene.

How we grow up plays a big role in how we develop as adults. Irene was raised in a very traditional Asian household where academics were held to a high standard with A's applauded and B's looked down upon. Although a strict upbringing, it has molded Irene into the type of person she is today. Such discipline in her youth has resulted in a more driven, passionate, and career oriented individual. In the future, Irene hopes to become a brand strategist so that she may help companies with their visions and respective goals in marketing. At the same time, today's California native hopes as well to create a stable life and enough time to devote to charity and the homeless. Yet, her life is also about having a bit of fun, and Irene employs a work hard, play hard mindset.

Featuring Fashion from the Sunny West Coast

Of course, we're here to feature some awesome West Coast Style and Irene's initial introduction to the world of fashion. Back in school, she found joy in creating outfits everyday and eventually began a lifestyle and fashion Instagram so that she could share her coffee shop adventures, great looks, and everything in between. For Irene, fashion has always been an outlet for self expression. It allows her to be free in her choices since it requires no right or wrong answer. Through clothing, she can communicate who she is without having to say a word. As seen in the photos, Irene's optimistic attitude can be portrayed in her bright and colorful clothing including her beautiful blue floral mini-dress and long beige cardigan. However, her black hat and ankle boots provide a nice dark contrast. Through her West Coast fashion, Irene truly has the opportunity to be fun and creative every single day.

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