Leandro Lara: The Outdoor Streetwear of Grand Rapids

Holding the experiences we make with each other is the most important!
— Leandro

The Face Behind the Fashion: Leandro Lara

Worldwide fashion is back and is bringing the great style of Leandro Lara, a content creator and photographer, who's presenting his Midwest Fashion from the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you're from this Mitten State, just by looking at the right palm of your hand, you know exactly where he's from. The city's also filled with a plethra of breweries, coffee shops, music, and places for creativity, perfect for endless adventures. Growing up here, Leandro didn't have any siblings until his teenage years but had plenty of cousins around who to him were no different than brothers and sisters. He also grew up a bit of a theater kid as well since his mother fancied acting, singing, and dancing. Although no longer so involved in theater, Leandro is still a creative young man with creative passions.

Leandro's a man of many talents including being a freelance photographer which is a huge part of his life. Photography acts as a platform to interact and make new works with new people. He also has a career at Carbon Stories, a creative agency that tells the tales and experiences of different organizations similar to Paulo Paradox. Just like photography, Leandro has the opportunity to develop unique connections and friendships while sharing great content. Heads up though, Leandro's good looks have also made him quite the model too! The future truly holds a lot for this young man, and he has plans to travel to Hawaii and Japan. Before settling down, it's always a solid idea to see what the world has to offer first.

Men's Streetwear from the Midwest

Continuing our series of men's street outfits, Leandro is rocking his own style of Michigan fashion. What he's got on his feet are a pair of Kendrick Lamar x Reebook Classic Sneakers followed by black biker skinny jeans from Pacsun with a couple rips to match the outfit's vibe. His top is a cozy men's grey knit sweater from Topman that's underneath an awesome green zip jacket from the Grand Rapids based brand Above and Below Clothing. As for the surroundings, these photos were shot in a construction site where rubble from building and roads get dumped, a perfect atheistic for the theme of the apparel. The visuals are also courtesy of the talented Leigh Ann Cobb!

Check out Leandro's Gram @zmbiephresh, www.carbonstories.us, and www.leighanncobb.com