Madison Strode: Summer Style in Dallas

Fashion is a way for me to show my daughter that she can be whoever she wants and do whatever she wants.
— Madison

The Face Behind the Fashion: Madison Strode

As our parents loved us, someday we must replicate that love for our own children. Today's lovely worldwide fashion individual is Madison Strode who's a proud blogger, wife, and mother! Although now living in Dallas with her husband, James, and daughter, Stella, Madison was first from Little Rock, Arkansas, only a short plane ride away. She largely grew up blessed even though her parents were divorced. No matter what, today's fashionista always felt loved from both of them, and even though she had to shuffle between houses at times, it never was much of a bother. Madison believes that as a long as a child is reminded that they are adored, such a child can face and adapt to anything. 

Fashion has just always been a passion, and since she had to plan outfits out in advance due to switching homes twice a week, Madison became excellent at envisioning looks before hand. Her favorite fashion memory had to be a day in all white though, her wedding. Picking out a gown was a surreal moment, and it was more than overwhelming to find the perfect dress, one she would feel "like a million bucks in." While walking down the aisle to her husband, Madison never felt happier or more beautiful. Becoming a mother only enhanced her love for apparel. Giving birth to another human took a whole lot of courage and confidence which then translated into having those same traits when it came to fashion.

Little Ones, Big Dreams, and Summer Style

For the future, Madison still sees herself living happily ever after in Dallas with hopefully more children running around, but as she says, the best things will unfold on their own. For now, being a mom of just one involves a lot of hustle and bustle. Any parent knows the challenge of caring for a little person. Madison just hopes that one day down the line, her own fashion blog can inspire her daughter, Stella, to do whatever she wants to do and be whoever she wants to be. This latest look is actually on her blog today as well, and Madison's style includes an off the shoulder, pink summer top from J. Crew, a mini skirt from a local Dallas store called Milk & Honey, beige leather booties from Vince, and a unique Ark bag from Cult Gaia!

Check out Madison's awesome blog, (which includes a sister post to this one), her lovely Instagram, @forstellajames, and the Instagram of the photographer, @emilysegrestphoto!