Kaily Mae: Spring into Summer Austin Fashion

Having aspirations gives you something worth living for, and I like to reach for my dreams every day.
— Kaily Mae

The Face Behind the Fashion: Kaily Mae Sieck

Kaily Mae Sieck may be from a small town, but she's an extraordinary blogger and fashion lover as well as a new mother! She was born and raised about an hour away from Austin, Texas where she found beauty in the rolling Hill Country. Growing up as a country gal, Kaily's childhood included raising animals for livestock shows and playing sports. Yet, her 20's began to turn in the direction of fashion, and today's lovely blogger began taking modelling classes which eventually resulted in a couple of appearances during Austin Fashion Week. She packs more than just a great style though. Sieck is also a graduate of Texas State University with a major in advertising, a wife to the love of her life, Blake, and a mother to a beautiful daughter, Aria.

While working in the insurance business running social media and costumer policy, Kaily gravitated towards beginning a blog. Now being able to showcase her looks online, she finds that fashion is a way to express creativity on a daily basis. Yet, she's taken her work one step further and has started a personal line of shirts for her followers as well as dabbling a bit in photography. As all areas of her industry intrigue her, Kaily finds it important to immerse herself in as many avenues as possible. She continues to work hard in order to grow her brand of clothing and dreams big about the possibilities. As Kaily says, having aspirations gives us something worth living for, and it is important to reach for those dreams everyday,

Fashion is a large aspect of Kaily's life, but there's more to her than the look. Exploration, relaxation, and family are crucial parts of her life too whether it's finding new places to eat abroad or just cuddling up in bed while watching Netflix with popcorn and Milk Duds. She enjoys the little things as well including her current home in Kingsland, a little ways outside of Austin, with a peaceful lake and small town vibes. Austin is just a short trip away though, so the taste of the city is never far, giving Kaily and her family the best of both worlds. For the future, she hopes to not only make her blogging full time but also to share travelling experiences with her husband, daughter, and any more kiddos down the line. 

Simple, Classic, and Perfect for these Warmer Seasons

Midway into May, it's time to present some great women's summer style, and Kaily has definitely got us covered! She describes her apparel as on the classic side with a love for heels, jeans, and a blazer. Kaily Mae mentions her tastes were molded by her mother who she used to clothes with and as a result, drew towards simple looks. As Kaily puts it, sometimes "less is more." As for today's lovely look, this blogger's rocking a Kate Spade bag, a pair of ladies' white heeled sandals, classic denim jeans in white, and a blue striped off the shoulder top. This upcoming season is all about wearing white, and Kaily's outfit is a prime source of spring into summer fashion inspiration at its finest!

Find more of Kaily at her blog, www.heykailymae.com, and follow her Instagram @heykailymae!