Nitika Choraria: Jumping into Spring Style from Mumbai

It in fact responds to the vibrations emitted by the spirit of the times, it mirrors the state and the mood of society - in cuts, colors, patterns and fabrics.
— Nitika

The Blogger Behind the Fashion: Nitika Choraria

Worldwide fashion blogging has brought us around the United States, up into Canada, across the Atlantic to London and now half way across the world to Mumbia, India featuring Nitika Choraria who runs the blog The Glitter Crumb. Twenty years old, Nitika writes for her original blog which is comprised of Choraria's personal style, fashion favorites, beauty, decor, and food picks, and travel diaries. Growing up in Mumbai where family is central, three generations lived under a single roof in Nitika's home from grandparents to grand kids. Mumbai and India as a whole also have a deep emphasis on their roots, vibrant colors, and ethnic prints and designs that make it stand out on a global level. 

Always attracted by the freshly stocked clothing lining the malls and an endless influence by fashion bloggers on social media, fashion was like a magnet for Nitika. Yet, it's much more than the labels and brands. As Nitikta says, our style is personal, and it far outlasts any trends. What we wear is a choice within us. The most important part is to feel comfortable and happy in the apparel we put on instead of chasing fads that won't last or that we ultimately do not enjoy. Fashion is really much more than just combinations of colors and fabrics. It is a reflection of society and a sign of the times, a statement of who this generation is.

Nitika is much more than just a fashion lover. She, like many of those her age, is a student and is on her way to get a Bachelor of Commerce. This young lady enjoys business but also graphic design, fine art, photography, travelling, writing, and music. She's highly qualified in speech and drama by Trinity College London. At the Harvard Model United Nations conference in China, Nitika won for her participation, and adding to the list, she's also successful in karate too as a trained black belt competitor. A well rounded student, performer, and athlete, Nitika is nothing short of a jack of all trades, but the future still has a lot left to learn and discover. 

From Palazzo Pants to Bright Yellow Dresses

Whether rocking a neutral palette or vibrant colors, this blogger's Mumbai fashion is definitely geared well for women's spring style. A reflection of her personality, Nitika always strives to make her looks personal and her wardrobe as diverse as her skill set. Perhaps the May flowers call out to her, and she wears a lovely women's white floral dress with a bright green bag and ballet flats. Maybe the breeze is perfect for a pair of kale palazzo pants with a ladies' white lace top and a thick brown belt. Sometimes Nitika just wants to go out there with a bright yellow dress, strutting the color that some shy away from. Regardless, her May fashion and spring fashion inspiration are priceless, and there's even more to find on her blog!

Check out more Nitika at and her Instagram @theglittercrumb