Nikolai Santz: A Dominican Fashion Model in the Empire State

The Model Behind the Fashion: Nikolai Santz

The idea of the American dream is far from dead especially in the Empire State, home to many immigrants, one of whom is Nikolai Santz who took an unexpected turn that changed his life for the better. Originally from San Francisco, Dominican Republic, Nikolai grew up as the youngest brother raised by three gorgeous queens and his father. In the time and place he grew up in, men were classic romantics who wrote letters to their girlfriends and house parties saw endless hours of night time dancing. In high school, Nikolai took up being a choreographer, an artist, and songwriter. Eventually, he studied medicine in Santiago. Yet, he started all the way from the bottom again when he moved to New York City in 2013.

In 2015, while working in downtown Manhattan, Nikolai was approached by a tall man who gave him a card, wanting him to try modelling for the runway. Nikolai never called the man back and can't quite remember why. He speculates that perhaps he did not see himself doing this at the time, but the following year, he came in contact with ZARA. He now took the opportunity of being a model, beginning to meet with professional photographers. These days, meeting with designers, singers, and budding actors and actresses are also common place, and Nikolai is having a blast being a fashion model. He's currently working a new project which he calls #VANDALIZED.

His now home of New York is filled with a variety of cultures, ethnicities, and wide mixes of people which truly embody the United States as being the melting pot of the world. As diverse as New York's people are, the experiences Nikolai has are just the same. He remembers shooting for the Men's Luxury Collection Spring / Summer for ZARA when a little boy named Marcus approached him during the session. Marcus asked why Nikolai was having pictures taken of him and began to inquire with wide a series of questions. After the boy's mother apologized for the inconvenience, Marcus said that all he wanted to do was be like Nikolai some day and have pictures taken of him too. Out of any fashion experience he's had, this was one of the most significant to Nikolai.

A Mix Of Cultures, A Mix of Styles

The men's New York style of Nikolai is a perfect representation of dapper, street, and classic fashion. Instantly, it is clear that with his cool attitude, Nikolai never fails to rock a look. On one hand, he's can wear a pink double breasted suit jacket, striped shirt, dark blue dress pants, and a pair of brown leather monk strap shoes. On another occasion, he can be seen wearing a leather jacket and Chelsea boots. No matter what, Nikolai's always styling an awesome pair of sunglasses which perfectly match the tones in his outfits. With his fashion, Nikolai has the ability to portray his suave nature without even saying a word. 

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