Beccie and a Beautiful Bangalore Style

I am constantly trying to change myself to be a better human to contribute towards the betterment of the world.
— Beccie

The Blogger Behind the Fashion: Beccie

We welcome you all the way across the world to lush and beautiful Bangalore, India featuring blogger Beccie (TheCurlyGirly) who's styling her own Bangalore fashion. This city is located near the southern end of the country and has absolutely lovely weather. It's one of the largest cities in India but is also one of the fastest growing economically, home to an ever expanding tech industry. Bangalore is often called the "Silicon Valley of India," and Beccie even works for an American based company there called Cognizant Technology Solutions where she's a communications coach. The city certainly never falls flat and neither does its colorful and diverse fashion scene. 

Beccie is orginally from Sikkim in Northeast India, and as a kid, she grew up in a boarding school in West Bengal. Unfortunately, this future blogger's only allowed attire was a uniform, restricting opportunities to express her own fashion sense on a regular basis. Beccie definitely did not enjoy the idea of looking like anyone else and waited for vacations where she could wear as she pleased and truly stand out. Falling in love with the idea of forming her own unique style, Beccie never looked back. Today, she continues to present her daily vibrant outfits on her blog, something she didn't have the ability to do growing up. 

As Beccie says, finding what our style is should be effortless. By being ourselves, we should naturally form a basis for what it is we like to wear. She also mentions that it's better to be "stylish" than fashionable because fashion is what can be followed by anyone but being "stylish" is a personal showcase of who we are. For the future, this lovely blogger hopes to continue to be happy and doing what she loves. Beccie's also on a never ending quest for change and self improvement because if we can better ourselves, we contribute to the betterment of the world as a whole. 

An Unbeatable Beautiful Bangalore Style

Featuring some amazing style for May fashion, Beccie has the pleasure of living in a place where she can dress like it's spring and summer all year long! Here in sunny Bangalore, Beccie can be seen chilling on the railroad wearing an oversized stripe shirt, gray top, denim shorts, and classic white converse to represent her more street side. Then, she can be found rocking a beautiful red Boho dress and brown leather sandals while walking along a wall filled with urban artworks! Her third look is sitting in a gorgeous green space styling an amazing long green skirt. Each location perfectly helps to highlight every look. For any kind of spring fashion inspiration, Beccie has even more looks on her blog to check out! Read more about Beccie at the link below! 

Check out, Beccie's Facebook page ThatCurlyGirly, and her Instagram @thatcurlygirly!