Ollis Caudill: A Sharp and Suited Seattle Style

Being able to express yourself is an important part of being alive, and my style has given me a very unique niche and way that I can do that.
— Ollis

The Man Behind the Clothes: Ollis Caudill

Want to know how to rock a suit? Look no further than Ollis Caudill who currently resides in the city of Seattle, Washington. He's a man who can rock any color suit any day of the week, but what's even more interesting than his outfits is his upbringing. He's originally from the Midwest, growing up mostly in Central Missouri. His childhood consisted of roaming the woods barefooted and living with five other siblings in a huge log cabin. They were a good 30 miles away from the nearest town, and all six of them were home schooled through high school. Ollis's family had a lot of freedom to do as they wanted and lived off the land, calling themselves "wood hippies." 

But how did he get into style? For Ollis, it all began when he was fourteen and watched the iconic movie Fight Club for the first time. While viewing the film, he became entranced by the character of Brad Pitt, Tyler Durden, and the vintage red leather jacket he wore. After that, Ollis knew what he wanted to do: dress just like Pitt. Growing up around mostly country folk, he felt a bit ridiculous with his bright red jacket and spiked up hair which made him stick out like a sore thumb. It was a bit rough, but everybody in the fashion world has a similar experience of wanting to be like a movie star. No matter what had happened for Ollis, it was the beginning of developing a style of his own, and it's only been growing and expanding since.

Luckily for Ollis, he has no dress code for work, but he never fails to look sharp. Being able to wear what he wants is an incredible thing for Ollis. As he advises, we should never consider what other people like when when we dress. There's a certain joy in knowing that our clothing choices are our own. Yet, it's important that we also dress our best at the same time. Ollis would like to transform the ultra casual wear going on in America. As this dapper man observes, there's too much sweatpants on a daily basis and even flips flops in church. He's exactly right! It's important to dress as we like, but it's also important to dress well. Although we don't have to look fancy everywhere, there's a certain dignity in smart and stylish apparel. 

A Sharp Suited Seattle Style on a Budget

Ollis is a dapper and clean cut man whose suited style transcends the seasons. He makes the most out of his classic sport jackets and trousers. By mixing and matching with different pairs of leather shoes, vests, ties, and pocket squares, every outfit is unique and embodies a certain different charm. Some days, it's also nice just to rock a linen shirt. No matter what, his Seattle fashion is perfect for semi-formal to formal occasions or perhaps just a classy Sunday drive. Ollis's favorite stores to shop include Spier & Mackay, Drakes, JCrewMeermin, and Polo Ralph Lauren; however, his favorite pieces are those not found in regular stores. He avidly searches for the best deals in thrift shops where there is no better experience than making the most out of his dollar. Certainly, looking so amazing doesn't have to cost a fortune.

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