Phil Solomon: A Jack of All Trades with New Jersey Style

The best lessons happen on the brink of confusion and frustration. Just keep pushing.
— Phillip

The Man Behind the Fashion: Phil Marcus

If life was easy, then our existence wouldn't be as rewarding. Life's a struggle and an uphill battle where we find that the odds are often stacked against us. Yet just like the Little Engine That Could, the path to success is one rooted in self belief. Today's awesome featured individual for May fashion is none other than choreographer, actor, body builder, and teacher Phillip Marcus Solomon who is, without a doubt, a jack of all trades. He wasn't born ready to do all these things though, and Phil struggled with his weight and depression growing up. Then in his senior year, this future "Renaissance man" lost 35 pounds which gave him the confidence to pursue the passions he always wanted to go for.

One such passion is dance which has become a crucial part of Phil's life. Later than most, he began at the age of 17 and taught himself never having regularly gone to a dance studio as a kid. These days, he's teaching others specifically as a choreographer for hip hop and musical theater. A recent musical he's choreographed, Honeymoon in Vegas, recently won the Monmouth County Basie Award for Outstanding Musical! Besides dance, bodybuilding is also another important aspect of Phil. As he says, it's sport that calls for constant contribution of effort, patience, and accountability. Phillip's always pumping iron at the gym, eating right, and even making appearances in body building competitions! In reality, the virtues he applies to succeed in both of his loves are really virtues that can be attributed to almost any field in order to excel. 

If Phillip wasn't already impressive enough, he handles the toughest group of kids, middle-schoolers, everyday as an English teacher. Overall and most importantly, he enjoys this line of work as he watches kids find themselves through their writing. Phil gets to see his students discover their place in the world as stronger learners, artists, and increasing more insightful and knowledgeable people which society can never have enough of. In order to remember each passing grade of pupils, Phillip always buys a yearbook that he lets his students sign. It's nostalgic and sad to read their messages, but it's equally as meaningful to know that he's had the ability to make a difference in his kids' lives. Phil always sets out to be the teacher that he always wanted, one who is there for a hug or a reality check. 

A Style that's Timeless, Classic, and Reaching New Heights

To add on to his many talents, Phil is also a fashion connoisseur who describes his style as classically edgy. He's never afraid to express himself, his creativity, or his muscles. Phillip certainly shows a high level of confidence in whatever he wears, rocking every outfit assembled. For a day on the beach, Phil can wear a men's sleeveless plaid shirt and classic denim shorts. If it's Memorial Day Weekend, he's got the perfect American jean vest for the occasion. When it's time to look dapper, he's strutting with a suave purple tuxedo jacket, bow tie, and black leather shoes. Perhaps he's shooting for a casual look with a deep cut tank top, grey hat, and light grey moto jeans. Maybe it's time to put on a leather jacket and another sleeveless plaid shirt for a night out? Yes, it's a classic Phil thing to never wear sleeves, but it builds his character and helps to highlight his great New Jersey style.

Shop Phil's Favorites Stores: H&M, Primark, and ASOS. Follow him on Instagram @psolomon12!