Jennifer Amani: An African Print Skirt in Lovely London

When I was much younger, like about four or five years old, I would say to my parents that I wanted to be a model when I grew up.
— Jennifer

From London With Love: Jennifer Amani

Fashion inspiration can be found in every corner of the world, and today, it brings us across the sea to London, England featuring rising blogger and stylist, Jennifer Amani. She has a more than diverse upbringing being born in Italy to Nigerian and Ivorian parents and then moving to Nigeria afterwards at the age of eight. These two places have a sharp contrast to their ways of life but nonetheless created an interesting and fun childhood. Originally native to the tongue of Italian, she eventually learned English and nowadays resides in the United Kingdom where her faith and fashion blog is based. Some day though, her personalized style will be known worldwide. 

Growing up, Jennifer remembers telling her parents, perhaps around the age of four to five, that she aspired to be a model some day. Amani kept her word and this stemmed into a lasting love of fashion. In general, she remembers having a lot of clothes and having many jobs in different retail stores in the UK. Eventually, this developed into starting a blog to share her colorful and bright style. For sure, getting messages from her viewers about how she's inspired them is the most rewarding experience. Getting recognition for our work is the best feeling! Currently, Jennifer is a science teacher at a secondary school but one day hopes to grow and expand her Jennifer Amani brand that focuses on creative African prints (as seen in these shots). 

White Tops, Printed Skirts, and Transparent Boots

Amani's apparel more than delivers on its impressive spring style. It's one of the most original and stunning outfits we've ever featured on this blog. Her shoes are a pair of women's transparent boots, great for showing off newly done nails! Jennifer's also strutting a white halter top that matches her white bomber jacket whose larger fit perfectly contrasts the rest of the look. Last but certainly not least is the flair of this outfit, the orange African print skirt that's an original, tailor made piece. This will be an attention grabber no matter where this lovely blogger goes. Get inspired more by this amazing style at Jennifer's blog,!

Outfit made from these stores: Ego (boots), Boohoo (top), Zara (jacket)