Paul Conrad Schneider: Timeless Turtlenecks for Calgary Fashion

Embracing individuality and your artistic drive through your physical appearance is extremely admirable.
— Paul

The Face Behind the Fashion : Paul Conrad Schneider

We've featured the style of our Southern friends down in Dallas, Texas, but today worldwide fashion heads north to the "Texas of Canada" which is Calgary, Alberta featuring Paul Conrad Schneider whose Calgary fashion and style are undeniably a cut above the rest. He grew up in Canada along with his mother and sister who he shared a strong bond with.  Eventually his interests led him to discovery Alexander McQueen and his show "The Horn of Plenty" which was a showcase of McQueen's designs for the Autumn and Winter of 2009 into 2010, one of the last before his death. Here, Paul viewed the connection between fashion and art. He began to embrace the idea that what we wear is comparable to how an artist paints except the canvas on which we paint on is ourselves.

The artistry of fashion is one that's commonly over looked, and there's a high level of detail that goes into the industry. After all, Schneider would know because he manages the sales, social media, and soon the women's section of a local boutique called LEO that features a selective collection of quality brands. His involvement in fashion has told him that the first thing anybody sees about a person is their appearance, and Paul admires those who embrace individuality and artistic drive through their apparel. Fashion is our story and also the story of the world where through what we wear, we have the ability to travel back to eras and time periods long past.

A Fashion Future and an Undeniably Unique Style

Still looking forward to the future, Paul is preparing to travel to the East Coast for New York Fashion Week. In the long term, perhaps the future also holds a new city to live in, but through it all, he'll always be working with his passion of fashion where ever he goes. Speaking of Paul's style, he's a young man of European inspired looks with influences from designers such as Dries Van Noten, Jonathan Anderson, and a touch of the Olsen twins. These photos showcase a lot of Paul's unique looks which can include a Loewe sweater with a turtleneck and black pinstripe pants or perhaps a pair of dark brown loafers with a touch of men's renaissance fashion. Schneider typically centers around a lot of black and white with a more serious tone to his apparel. He proves that we don't need flashing colors, and Paul creates a level of unmatched depth with what he wears whether it be striped shirts, vintage tops, or black jackets.

Find more of today's featured individual at his blog, his Instragram @paulconradschneider, or his Youtube channel Paul Conrad Schneider.