Eileen Chang: Artistic Flair and Fashion in Hamburg

All in all my style became more classy, and nowadays I like to buy more basic pieces and combine them with my personal touch.
— Eileen

The Face Behind the Fashion: Eileen Chang

Worldwide fashion has brought us to England and Belarus, but today comes with a new place and country! Welcome to the city of Hamburg in Northern Germany, a major port and city located on the Elbe River. Containing many different universities, Hamburg is also home to an increasingly creative and diverse artistic scene. Today's beautiful fashionista who grew up here in Hamburg is Eileen Chang who originally has Chinese roots. She's currently studying illustration in her third semester and spends any free time with photography and making music, especially singing. Eileen categorizes herself as a bit quiet, but when it comes to style, there's nothing to be shy about! 

Ever since Eileen was a little kid, what she wore was very important to her and was very stubborn towards whatever her parents tried to tell her to wear. In turn, they had no choice but to let Eileen walk around in her own interesting style. Since then, she's grown up to be an increasingly expressive person who has a heart for music especially in the Elbphilharmonie (Elbe Philharmonic Hall), an absolutely gorgeous concert hall which took a whole decade to build and is one of Hamburg's most remarkable pieces of architecture. For the future, she sees herself continuing this love for making music but also in other artsy forms such as fashion. Eileen mentions that it's difficulty to choose a single road to go down, and it's equally as hard to be successful in a creative field. Yet, it's not going to stop her from pursuing the arts.

Eileen's Ever Diversifying Hamburg Style

Eileen is an example about how when it comes to fashion, we are the canvas that we paint on. She herself is into a very grunge style which is rough and tough but still feminine at the same time. It also fits well with her interests in rock. When it comes to her own fashion sense, flannels are always a very important piece! These days though, Eileen has made a turn to brighten up her wardrobe moving a bit away from darker clothing. She likes to contrast her black hair with light colors shifting towards more pastel and white pieces. When it comes to her style preference, Eileen likes to strut the best of both worlds! 

So what's she wearing for today's blog post? Her first look is absolutely lovely and classic wearing a women's white polo, green dungaree dress, and black plateau shoes to represent her more sweet side of the fashion spectrum which is perfect for summer. The second look is a return to her grunge roots rocking a flannel check shirt, red open shoulder crop top, and classic black leggings! Following this is Eileen's European street style, popping out with a white Nike hat, light white jacket, and grey jeans and top. With a nice wide diversity of Hamburg fashion, Eileen is a perfect source for all our apparel inspiration!

Build her outfits at Uniqlo, Asos, Nike, H&M, Jeffrey Campbell. Check out more of Eileen at her Instagram @littleleenx3 and her YouTube Channel LittleLeen

Photo Credits at the Fairgrounds to Alexander Losch @iamalexanderlosch