Frank Lin: Summer Munich Fashion and European Travels

I just want to show you that you don’t have to be fashion obsessed to dress well.
— Frank Lin

The Face Behind the Fashion: Frank Lin

What cannot be said in words can be said in a photograph, and the style of Frank Lin, a fashion, travel, and lifestyle blogger in Munich, speaks for itself. In his early 20s, Frank is a fashion-design student who in his little free time, writes about his apparel favorites while exploring all over Europe. In his posts, his goal is not to persuade his audience to dress a certain way but to show that we do not have to be fashion obsessed to be well dressed. His own clothes are an extension of his personality and are truthful, countering a sometimes cloudy fashion industry. When Frank writes, he is always extremely open and doesn't hesitate to comment on what goes right and what goes wrong in the world of fashion.

After spending half a year interning, Frank has since returned to school to finish his last semester. He's been enjoying a flexible student life but has one challenge left: his final bachelor collection. This fashion project comes with great pressure since this like a business card for the soon graduating student. In essence, this is Frank's opportunity to pull all his years of work into pieces that are indicative of his identity as a budding designer. He often questions if his collection should represent who he is today or who he is looking to be tomorrow. Yet, it's sometimes hard to keep it in focus as political debates, Instagram societal issues, and other signs of turbulent times seem to affect the productivity of the fashion industry. 

Lucky to live in Europe where the next country is only a short plane, car, or train ride away, Frank spends what leisure time he has travelling often along side blogger partner Phillip. A trip this March included a visit to the Bavarian Alps whose snowy mountains lie along the border of Austria. Earlier this June, Frank stayed in the Domes Noruz Chania in Greece which is home to stunning modern architecture right by the luxurious coastline. A recent road trip lead this young blogger to the Lake Braies in the alpine region of Italy where he would wake up early in the morning to view the beauty of the first sunrays on the lake void of other tourists. His adventures are surely ones to keep reading about on his blog!

Linen Shirts, Handmade Sneakers, and a Suave Suit

What's Frank rocking for today's post? Well, he's surely strutting in some casual summer style rocking pink, green, and white linen shirts from Uniqlo occasionally throwing on a denim jacket for added flair. Then, Frank's also wearing a layered look including a Samsoe & Samsoe jacket, a classic button shirt from Lexington, an American Vintage tee, ripped denim jeans from H&M, and Scarosso handmade sneakers. His final outfit is a touch of a more formal side of Frank, completing his versatile style. This suave Digel Move grey suit is paired with a Tiger of Sweden button up, Aigner Bruno backpack, and Viu Eyewear x Saskia Diez sunglasses! Find more inspiration from this European fashion blogger by visiting his site!

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Photos are courtesy of the Frank Lin travel, lifestyle, and fashion blog.