Talun Zeitoun: Refining A Fashion Mindset in NYC

By being the best that I can be and not being afraid to publicly portray that, I can hopefully inspire others to be themselves and impact change with the natural talents they were given.
— Talun

The Face Behind the Fashion: Talun Zeitoun

A single piece of clothing has the potential to revolutionize the way we perceive fashion which was the case with today's suave men's fashion blogger, Talun Zeitoun. Originally from Los Angeles, Talun spent his childhood and teen years between the two households of his parents. He then went on to go to college far from home in Michigan, and post graduation, interned for Catherine Maladrino during the Recession since, of course, available jobs were few and far between. Luckily for Talun, his internship turned into a full time career in a little under two years. This internship and job took him all the way east to New York City too where new projects and career opportunites are always in the works. 

Talun would describe his style as wearing luxury streetwear that incorporates both high and low fashion. This New York blogger is not afraid to take any risks as long as what he wears makes sense to him. It should never be excessive but not too minimal at the same time. Yet, his style all began with a black Maison Margeila blazer that was "one size" and was simple enough to pair with almost anything in Talun's closet including drop crotch to wide leg trousers, tanks to turlenecks, and overcoats to sweaters. Talun saw how progressive his fashion sense could be by pairing one piece with new silhouettes season after season. With a bit of French flair from his partially French heritage, Talun is always finding creative ways to put together different articles of clothing.

Living in the epicenter of the fashion world has given Talun a lot to be inspired from. New York's energy, diversity, and artistic nature are one of a kind, and within a few blocks, it feels as if there's a new setting to explore. Talun himself always enjoys the views of the classic Brooklyn Bridge. In the city where anybody can make it, this blogger is working on his own digital marketing consulting business, his awesome website, and a hair care product line called SOTAH (State of the Art Hair). By pushing himself in many aspects of his life and trying to live to his full potential, Talun hopes that he can impact and influence others to express their own inner abilities to the best. 

A Trio of Outfits in the city of New York

As for today's fashion, Talun is showing casing three of his awesome looks each incorporating his unique style. His first outfit is a suave green linen suit from Indochina who offers the best medium of quality, custom fit, and price. This look also include an Indochino shirt, Garrett Leight Sunglasses, and Maison Marigela leather shoes. His next set of apparel includes a bold contrast with a men's striped silk suit from H&M's studio collection with a Sandro t-shirt. Finally, Talun's rocking a Theory modern trench coat, Maison Margiela blazer, COS t-shirt, Public School pants, and common with the last look, New Balance sneakers. Although he pulls more towards neutral or darker tones, Talun's outfits encompass a certain charm to the make him stand apart from the crowd.

Check out www.talunzeitoun.com, @talunzeitoun, and photographer Paige Campbell Linden at www.pcampbelllinden.com, @paigecampbelllinden