Anicka Pantano: Summer Vibes and June Fashion in Manhattan Beach

Don’t give up, push harder, and if it’s not working, be open to change.
— Anicka

The Lovely Woman Behind the Fashion: Anicka Pantano

Respect everyone you come across because down the line you may find that they were much more than initially thought. Although she had a much different childhood, today's lovely and beautiful women's fashion blogger Anicka Pantano lives in sunny Manhattan Beach located on the golden coast of Southern California. Here, she enjoys spending her time biking and walking her dog along the prestigious coast line while running a personal style blog. Thanks to the ocean breeze, Manhattan Beach has the perfect mix of cool and warm weather allowing for fabulous spring and summer this time of the year which are a staple on Anicka's site!

Yet, the California Coast was not always home for Anicka. She's originally from Miami but moved to New York when she was five with another move to Sweden two years later. Anicka spent most of her childhood out in the Swedish countryside and had an early education there. Unfortunately, a portion of this childhood was filled with bullying since Anicka had braces, glasses, and  a "nerdy" look. In order to combat this tough situation, this future blogger turned to fashion at a young age as a means of fitting in. Fashion changed her life from this point forward, instilling an impact that lasted much further than her adolescence. She now uses her style to spread the message that how we dress has the ability to change people's perception of us. 

Anicka's interest in fashion has taken her to the quintessential fashion week in Milan and has even inspired her to begin her own clothing line, Late Night Gypsy, which redesigns vintage apparel with a modern spin. This entrepreneur looks to begin another line right from scratch which she hopes can be picked up from the likes of Nordstrom or Saks Fifth Avenue. For now, her experiences in this work and in fashion have taught her many wise things. One is that fashion can change the way people see you (as mentioned before), and secondly, that when life gets hard there is a single process to reaching a solution: not giving up, pushing harder, and being open to change when it doesn't work.

Featuring a Summer Style from Manhattan Beach

With a West Coast Style, Anicka is providing a plethora of June fashion inspiration including a rocker top featuring the Rolling Stone's iconic tongue to a lovely floral romper to a white off shoulder piece with fabulous yellow shorts. Today, we've going to focus on a lovely casual look just right above for those beautiful yet breezy summer and spring days! In these two shots, Anicka is strutting in out in a classic denim jacket from Shein, a simple grey skirt,and a white tied tank top. At the base, she's also wearing a pair of versatile white converse, great for walking around on a sunny afternoon. Additionally for her accessories, Anicka also has a Phillip Lim bag to match her style. This lovely fashionista proves that we don't always need to be flashy to look great!

Be sure to check out more of Anicka Pantano at her blog and shop her awesome store!