Mike De Wolff: Everlasting Vintage Streetwear from the Netherlands

When making a first impression, how you dress is just as important as your body language.
— Mike

The Face Behind the Fashion: Mike de Wolff

Style is like a universal and timeless language, and it can connect people from city to city, country to country. Today, we're bringing you to Eindhoven, Netherlands featuring Mike de Wolff, better known as Mogimike who is an actor, theater teacher, sales consultant, and retail trainer for Adidas! This June, Mike has also made his first movie debut and hopes that through his content and many occupations, he can inspire others to be creative. Of course, Mike is also very big on his vintage street style where his involvement in fashion, especially through Instagram, has enabled him to make valuable connections in the fashion community. 

Mike initially grew up as the eldest of three sons to a mother from the Netherlands and father from Indonesia. He remembers that his dad was huge Adidas fan, and when Mike entered into high school, he always wore his father's vintage jackets and still does today. A love of hip hop music has also progressed Wolff's love of classic streetwear, taking style cues from his favorite rappers such as Tupac, Common, and Nas during his youth. Embodying the apparel that was prevalent in his childhood, Mike today still centers his wardrobe around these now vintage looks and makes it a running motif in every outfit.

For Mike, the vintage vibe is a statement. Being able to rock something your father or even grandfather could has worn proves that style is an enduring aspect of our culture. Since what we wear is a crucial part in somebody's first impression, equally important as body language, the vintage vibe in this kind of apparel gives a sense of creativity. After all, we've taken something old and turned it into something new. With this immortal style, Mike's fashion has made a big splash which has been key in buildling new friendships. Whether vintage or modern, fashion has a unique way of connecting people where we can both inspire and get inspired. 

Vintage Street Fashion Inspiration from the Netherlands 

Highlighting his European street style and Netherlands fashion, Mike de Wolff is presenting two different looks for a taste of men's clothing inspiration. On the left, he's wearing a pair of Iniki Runners from Adidas Originals, classic Levi's jeans, a Champion hoodie, an older red jacket, and a black beanie. His second outfit begins with a pair of Chuck Taylor All Star Converse, popular over thirty years ago and still is today. Then, he has on an Adidas Original tee, pants, and awesome red, white, and blue striped jacket. Again, he tops it off with that dope black beanie. Of course, Mike stays true to himself by including vintage pieces and proves that the greater age of apparel doesn't make it worthless but instead timeless. 

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