Amanda Martinez: Urban Androgynous Style in LA

But life is one big adventure, and I’m ready to tackle more.
— Amanda

The Face Behind the Fashion: Amanda Martinez

The greatest feelings of success often arise from the hardest of challenges. Born in Brooklyn, Amanda Martinez, today's fashion featured individual, did not have it so easy early in her life. She was raised by a single parent, her mother, and did not grow up with a lot of money. Yet, these difficulties can bring out the best traits in people. In turn, Amanda always got super creative in how she dressed and had to make due with the limited clothing options she had. Now full grown, Amanda has moved out to Los Angeles. Martinez even drove there in an initial four day trip and still calls it one of the most crazy things she's ever done. No matter where life takes her, this progressive young woman always keeps her New York heritage with her, especially in fashion.

A dancer, the hip hop scene in Los Angeles first captivated Amanda, but she has since grown a love for many other parts of the city . She particularly enjoys the Arts District whose industrial feel is perfect for a photo shoot and carries a Williamsburg, Brooklyn vibe. Unique to the city though is the famous Griffin Observatory sitting on the Hollywood Hills overlooking the beauty of all of LA, especially at night. Although many believed she would quickly return to New York, Amanda has been enjoying the West Coast and its landmarks for the past three years and is ready to tackle the next adventure. Wherever she is, Amanda always wants to spread a little more love. Growing up and coming out gay, she knows how a little love can can go a long way for someone's self confidence.

Of course, fashion has always been a key component of Amanda's life too. She describes her style as leaning more urban and androgynous. Originally a New York native, edgy and street elements are always a pivotal component of her fashion. What really pulled Amanda's style all together was cutting her hair short four years ago. Before, she had felt too "girly" and too uncomfortable but changing this aspect was a relief. Rocking the undercut, Amanda has collaborated with the likes of Kmart, Converse, and Nike as well as shot for other big brands while being able to stay true to who she is. These days, Amanda gets to work in an environment where her unique style is loved and highlights her creative freedom. 

Styling A Favorite Look from Coachella 

Above is just one of many awesome outfits that Amanda composes on the daily. This particular look was picked out for this year's music festival in Coachella and has been one of her favorites from the event. To start with and on top, Amanda's wearing a black and white bandana from ASOS that also helps to show off her fly haircut. At the base, She's rolling with a pair of classic Converse from a collaboration with Comme Des Garçons. The bottoms are ripped jeans from Pacsun followed by a graphic tee from Zara and completed with Ray-ban glasses for the California sun. Certainly, Amanda is providing some great summer fashion inspiration for men or women, and there are many more other great looks like this one to be inspired by.

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