Dany Dao: Teaching Dapperness for Men in Montreal

The way you dress reflects the way you want people to see you.

The Man Behind the Fashion: Dany Dao

Say hello to the city of Montreal, Canada and men's fashion and lifestyle blogger Dany Dao who was born and raised here. As Dany observes, Montreal keeps true to its European heritage, and the city's old charm has influenced his own style to pull more towards European. He first started by wearing dress shirts, cardigans, and neckties back in high school and began to replace his black skinny jeans with black dress pants. From formal casual, Dany evolved into a men's dapper style, rocking suits daily. Looking good not only got attention from girls around him but also boosted Dany's self esteem. Inspired by the likes of British and Korean fashion, Dany has made his style an integral part of his life from working to blogging.

A style consultant and soon to be measurement specialist at made-to-measure suit store Surmesur, Dany's greatest moment in fashion was finding work here. In his job, Dany helps a variety of men find their perfect suit. His occupation has since opened up a new facet of menswear that he had never seen before. Surmesur has given him unmatched expertise on the complex sections of suiting, fabrics, and fit. Assisting others in finding their own personal suit has given Dany a vast wealth of knowledge and has convinced this young man to take his skills to the world by launching his own blog. Today, Dany's website provides a strong voice in menswear for an ever expanding audience beyond Montreal.

Through his fashion and lifestyle blog, Dany's goal is provide guides to suits and other clothing in order to create a more well dressed generation of men. Overall, Dany wants his audience to know that there is nothing feminine about taking care of one's appearance and that suits can be more than just for the work place. How ever we decide to dress though, one thing Dany himself has learned is that what we wear is a reflection of how we want others to see us. For the future, this young man hopes to continue to share his own men's dapper fashion, earn a living through social media, and to keep influencing menswear for the better.  

Featuring the Best of Dapper Montreal Fashion

Dapper and timeless, Dany Dao knows how to rock a variety of suits and styles for his own Montreal fashion. He's always looking to stand out, and in his first look, Dany is wearing a unique double breasted, check waist coat along with his favorite dark blue tie. Another outfit of his is the classic three piece pastel suit where his vest helps him to look slim while his open jacket aids to add volume to the upper body, tricks and tips Dany's developed through his work. His next few looks include signature coats in biege, black, and gray along with crew, turtle, and v-neck sweaters. A defining piece of his apparel is also the inclusion of leather gloves that highlight Dany's elegence and attention to detail. For more men's fashion inspiration, this blogger has much more to show just by clicking below!

Check out his men's guide to suits and other style tips and tricks at www.deckofdapperness.com. Follow Dany's Instagram @dapper_cards.

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