Amanda Wickstrom: Finding Confidence and a Versatile Vest

I love seeing women feel beautiful and confident.
— Amanda

The Face Behind the Fashion: Amanda

Welcome to the west but specifically the Pacific Northwest which is home to blogger, stylist, and wife Amanda Wickstrom who grew up in Washington State and now lives just a little ways from Portland, Oregon. Amanda's origins in fashion begin mainly in her teen years going to a rigorous private school (which made her wear uniforms!) while actively playing sports. Here, she had herniated several discs in her back, making her miss school for nearly an entire year due to the pain. During this tough period in her life, Amanda spent her time sketching clothing designs and learning about fashion illustration. Even after her surgery, she continued to pursue her interests in fashion.

What was once sketching in her free time turned eventually turned into being a store manager for women's clothing. Amanda was both a stylist for clients and a trainer for staff in her region. Styling others gave her the ability to share the same expression and confidence that she felt dressing. Amanda enjoyed watching other women have that "Aha" moment when they realized they looked great and could pull off a new look. Some moms would even send their daughter too who enjoyed the idea of having a personal stylist. In this setting, Amanda had the opportunity to build trust, take risks, and turn people into their own trend setters. It was great to hear about clients having success with their new outfits; however, it was even more important that Amanda enabled these women to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. 

These days, Amanda is currently studying to earn a second degree in accounting where she hopes to become a buyer for luxury retailers such as Nordstrom. She's also happily married and enjoys exploring the nearby cities in Oregon and Washington with her spouse. Such cities include Portland which has an artistic culture and food scene with quality local ingredients. Another nearby location is Astoria, the oldest settlement on the Pacific coast and resting place for Lewis and Clark some two-hundred years ago. Amanda's favorite places in Astoria include Coffee House, Coffee Girl, Fort George Brewery, and the Colombian Theatre with movie tickets for $4! Perhaps it's time to take a vacation out there sometime soon?

Infusing Art with Style and a Versatile Vest

So how did Amanda's own style come to be? Well for starters, she first has a bachelor's in Fine Arts where knowledge of color palettes, silhouettes, and textures make up the backbone of her fashion choices. Amanda's outfits take a lot of inspiration form her paintings too, and she tends to find that a lot of her colors come from current artwork projects. Specifically for today's Northwest fashion, Amanda's rocking two different outfits that both share a versatile vest from Forever 21. One look also includes an H&M shirt, a pair of Sam Edelman ankle boots from Nordstrom, and classic denim shorts from Target. Her other set of apparel adds a lovely light blush H&M dress, black and white shoes from Top Shop, and a Christian LaCroix purse! For a little June fashion inspiration for spring/summer, Amanda has two absolutely perfect outfits!

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