The US Army Veteran who Incorporates Love of Travel with Fashion

It was at this point where I began making the transition from a travel account to a fashion account by incorporating my styles with travel photos.
— Chris Hill

The Face Behind the Fashion: Chris Hill

Born and raised in New Jersey, US Army Veteran Chris Hill remembers being blessed as part of a family who took a heavy interest in travelling ranging from Alaska to Europe. Although no stranger to being away from home, following college Chris was deployed to the Middle East for nine months as an infantry officer. It was difficult to be away from friends or family for so long, but got through it one day at a time. During deployment though, Hill was accepted into graduate school which gave him something to look forward to when he got back to the states. Thanks to the military, Chris received his education for free and earned an MBA. Today, he resides in New York City working in public relations while also running a travel and fashion blog featuring his men's New York style. 

There is certainly nothing Chris enjoys more than travelling, and he has been to over 35 countries and counting. After returning home from a trip to Oslo, Berlin, and Prague in March of 2016, Hill entered into the blogging world wanting to share his vast travel experiences with more than just family and friends. First beginning in Instagram, Chris found a great outlet to share his photos, but reality eventually caught up to him when he settled for a new job in New York that following September. As he picked up GQ magazines and got inspired by the city styles around him, Chris began to intertwine his travel account with fashion which today plays a large part in who he is. However, Chris never lost touch with his travel side and has plans to visit London, Edinburgh, Reykjavik, Paris, Johannesburg and Capetown in the next six months. 

Of course, the New York - New Jersey area has always been the place Chris Hill calls home at the end of the day. When he's not out travelling the world, Chris enjoys exploring the city, taking part in a constant stream of events, trends, and restaurants. However, one of Chris's favorite landmarks is one that is also no longer there, the Twin Towers. A teenager at the time, Hill remembers the September 11th Attack including the news reports and the smoke he could see from his town only 10 miles away. This heavily impacted his decision to join the military a decade later. 

Featuring A Men's Suited New York Style for Summer

Currently a fashion blogger, Chris likes to showcase simple, minimal, and affordable menswear including classic button downs, polos, chinos, chelsea and chukka boots, fresh white sneakers, and a handful of well-tailored suits such as the one above. Inspired by the magazine that introduced him to fashion, GQ, Chris is rocking a 3-piece gray plaid suit from Calvin Klein as well as a pair of M. Gemi Double Monk Strap shoes. Also seen are a great addition of accessories such as the Wren + Glory Bangle, Luv My Jewelry Ring, and classy Daniel Wellington Watch. Yet, his favorite part is the floral patterned Bar III shirt that really adds a pop to the look. With cuffed sleeves, a few undone buttons at the top, and with no show socks, this Army Veteran definitely knows how to put together an outfit perfect for the season. For a men's suited style in the hot month of July fashion, Chris Hill is providing a stellar example of suave apparel.

Visit Chris's blog, follow his Instagram @lifebyhill, and shoutout to photographers Emilia and Julia of and @fatchixfilms