Classy Fashion Blogger Writes in her Second Language

Writing my blog in English, working among Americans, and enjoying American pop culture helps to improve my skills.
— Tatiana

The Face Behind the Fashion: Tatiana Moskatova

Tatiana Moskatova, who is providing today's summer fashion inspiration, may not be a native of the United States, but she sure has made her mark in a country she's been calling home for the past 11 years. Tatiana's originally from Krasnodar, Russia, a beautiful city near the Black Sea. But today, Tatiana is only 15 miles away from the historic city of Philadelphia where she enjoys the climb up the famous Philly Art Museum as seen in Rocky. As she ascends the steps, Tatiana is reminded of her rising achievements to get to where she is today. Profession wise, Moskatova works for a non-profit Literacy Council that familiarizes adults with American ways of life in order to help them succeed. However, Tatiana is also a fashionista, running a style blog called My Fabulous Forties which she writes in her second language of English. 

How Tatiana got into fashion is a story of the relationship between mother and daughter. Her mother's favorite hobby was sewing, and Tatiana often watched her mom create things for her dolls. This future blogger also had clothes made for her at home which was always in great taste and in a time where Russian stores lacked a lot of choices. Tatiana also remembers sneaking into her mother's bedroom and draping herself in the fabrics she found. With a vivid imagination, this fashionista would use the long carpet as an elegant runway. Here, Moskatova began to dream big in the world of fashion. As an adult, Tatiana completed a three-year course to become a professional seamstress, and even now in the US, she still makes her own clothes. It's never too late to continue an education either, and Tatiana plans to study at the Moore College of Art and Design. 

Coming to America has been packaged with big life style changes as it does for any immigrant especially in communication. Tatiana's largest obstacle has been her limited English skills. As her second language to Russian, she often finds it hard to keep her head high when she doesn't have full confidence in her speaking or writing. In Russian, Tatiana can express the most complex ideas, but not yet in English. What has really helped is writing her fashion blog in English, working among Americans, and enjoying American entertainment and pop culture. However, Tatiana still keeps true to her native country by running another blog called "The Emigrant's Notes" which she writes for a Russian audience about her adventures in the states. 

Tatiana's Personal Style and Favorite Stores

For today's post, Tatiana is presenting her beautiful and vibrant women's summer style for July fashion. More recently, she has been incorporating a more Bohemian "Boho" and vintage 70s style into her wardrobe but still has her moments of being more chic and elegant. No matter what kind of outfit she wears, this lovely Russian fashion blogger always rocks the heels since she is a huge shoe lover. Tatiana is a big fan of stores such as Ralph Lauren and Anthropologie that can be expensive but certainly employ the quality over quantity mindset. Other stores that Tatiana shops from when on more of a budget include Macy's, Express, Loft, TJMaxx, and Marshalls. In any case, this blogger tries to find American made items in hopes that brands will turn back to employing workers in the same country where the clothes are sold. 

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