An Elegant Paris Style with Golden Connexion

“Don’t stop until you are proud.”
— Favorite Quote of G & C

Featured Fashion Duo: The Golden Connexion

After two weeks of absence, worldwide fashion blogging returns, and it brings us to Paris, the City of Lights, featuring the duo of G (right) and C (left) who together make up the Golden Connexion. They are two ambitious and determined young women who believe that our inner well being is connected to our external appearance. Together on their blog, the pair share their love of fashion and beauty and strive to develop the best and most confident versions of themselves. The two also love to travel, sharing their foreign experiences on their posts as well. Although G & C have many common traits, they have somewhat opposite personalities that make them quite the dynamic duo.

The young women of Golden Connexion are originally from Africa, specifically the Ivory Coast and Cameroon. Yet, they grew up in Paris and met during school. Still two students, G & C are currently in their fourth year of college and frequently enjoy their city's food and films. Of course, Paris is also known for its sights including their favorite, the Buttes-Chaumont, a popular park located on the rocky hills which makes for great panoramic views and picnics. These particular photos also feature another remarkable landmark of Paris, the Pont Alexandre III that crosses the Seine and is one of the most magnificent bridges in Paris.

As with many bloggers, these lovely ladies have always loved fashion. They know that dressing well is a gateway to more self confidence. What we wear certainly has a large impact on how we perceive ourselves and how we behave. These two always carry their heads high and keep working on new projects even in the face of adversary, keeping faith that they will complete the task at hand. They also find strength in making sure their work, especially on their blog, is something to look back at and be proud of at the end of the day. For the future, the girls of Golden Connexion hope to either work as brand consultants, begin their own brand, or even begin a magazine. 

Lovely Summer Fashion from Paris

As for their own personal and Paris fashion style, G & C describe their choice of clothing as feminine, elegant, sometimes casual, and always with a touch of originality. They are not afraid to mix different cuts, colors, and prints. The two are scared of few things as long as the pieces they choose are in harmony with their own personalities. Today's two outfits are two perfect examples of such a mindset. On the left above, C is rocking a look primarily from Zara with a fabulous Zara khaki jumpsuit, pair of mid-calf boots, and black padded bag. As for G on the right, she's strutting out in an HM choker, ASOS high waist trousers, a uniquely printed ASOS crop top, and black Zara pumps. Sleeveless and with flowing bottoms, these two ladies are giving some gorgeous summer fashion inspiration! 

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Photo credits to Marie Angelique-Férré @darkhanjoy and Marie Angelique-Férré (FB)