Top Italian Fashion Author Connects with Audience Through Fabulous Outfits

Having style doesn’t mean strictly following trends or copying celebrities’ outfits but taking care of your looks and expressing your uniqueness.
— Valeria


The Face Behind the Fashion: Valeria Arizzi

If you're a writer, the most important thing you can do is connect and interact with your audience to build an even stronger bond. Valeria Arizzi, an author for Glamour Italia, is a style expert, beauty reporter, and fashion blogger who runs the prominent site, Coco et La Vie en rose. As a top 200 fashion influencer worldwide, Valeria makes her blog special by building a community. You're invited to join friendly chats and are encouraged to think of Valeria as a friend instead of just a writer and style icon. Her ultimate goal is to inspire her valued readers to feel more beautiful and self-confident. She also stresses that style isn't about following trends; it's about taking care of your own looks and expressing what is unique about you. Below, you'll find a few of Valeria's amazing outfits and what makes each one exceptional.

Coco et La vie en rose is a fashion blog written by a great woman and made for great women. Valeria knows that she herself, like many of her readers, is frequently on a budget. Yet, she proves that looking good doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Just above is Arizzi in a fabulous summer outfit wearing a green polka dot maxi dress. The price? Only about twenty-seven US dollars. You can find that dress right here for fashion on a budget! This particular dress is light and shading, preventing sweating on a hot August day. Combined with a lovely pair of heels, Valeria also shows that you can look good without having a million accessories. 

Making an outfit that will last you from afternoon shopping to a late night dinner is a versatile skill. Another look is this lovely little purple dress that makes for an elegant summer outfit. Very clean and simple, it works very nicely with sandals, jewelry, and sunglasses for these bright days. Then, just remove the sunglasses when it comes time for a little indoor happy hour! Find a similar dress here.

This next awesome outfit is what Arizzi calls simple yet sophisticated. It sounds contracting, but she goes onto explain that simplicity is a sign of refinement, and it takes a level of sophistication to make something simple look effortless. For this one, she's strutting out in a striped and strapless summer dress and a suite of accessories such as those gorgeous pearls. Her outfit is also centered around white, a color that's perfect for summer. 

Most importantly, Valeria doesn't let anything stop her from rocking any outfit she wants. If you search "can blondes" on google, it may finish the line with " wear yellow?" This Italian fashion blogger proves that statement to be an astounding yes with this sunflower dress. Of course, she lays down a few guidelines such as not wearing the same shade as your hair and adding other accessories to break a monochrome appearance. All in all, each outfit provides some great Italian summer fashion inspiration, and we encourage you forge your own unique style. 

Of course, these were only snippets. There is so much more to discover!  Please check out more of Valeria at her blog and follow her Instagram @cocolavieenrose