Katie Teutenberg: How Fashion Inspiration Can Be Found Anywhere

It is important to have people in your life who inspire you.
— Katie

The Face Behind the Fashion: Katie Teutenberg

Inspiration exists everywhere from your hometown to many miles away, it just needs to be found. Katie Teutenberg, whose featured today alongside her Midwestern fashion, grew up in Hartland, Wisconsin which she calls nice and small but also boring. Katie lived a normal Midwestern childhood in a middle class home where she loved to swim and chase ice cream trucks in the summer, jump into piles of leaves in the fall, and build snowmen in the winter. Although when it came to clothing, Katie strayed away from the typical going goth as a teen and having a scene style before defining her own personal fashion sense. 

Many things have impacted her style across many different parts of her life. For one, Katie learned how to sew at a young age, and as she comments, clothing is seen differently when you know how to make it. Movies were also a big impact on her style especially in films from the 80s. She specifically remembers buying her first pair of Chuck Taylor's after seeing the iconic movie Breakfast Club. Much more recently, Katie recalls the open minded and carefree vibes of her first large scale EDM festival that also promoted more creative apparel. Here, Teutenberg got the chance to wear gems and glitter without feeling out of place. 

Nowadays, Katie works in retail, loves to oil paint, sews new clothing for herself, and does freelance photography (nearly all of her own photos are shot by herself using a tripod and shutter release). Teutenberg's also brought her artistic mind to the blogging world, an idea she received while spending some time away from home in Nebraska. Although Nebraska had brought out her independence, she has since moved back to Wisconsin, specifically the city of Milwaukee. Here, Katie frequently visits the Milwaukee Art Museum which itself is a beautiful piece of architecture over looking Lake Michigan. Although she enjoys the fruits of the Midwest, Katie is certainly much more than your average Midwestern girl. 

More Than Your Average Midwestern Fashion

Katie describes her style as all over the place largely due to the fact that she lives somewhere with four seasons. She mentions that her boyfriend often calls her apparel "witch chic," and Katie admits the description can be a bit accurate on most occasions. However, for the outfit above to the left, Teutenberg is showing a 60s vintage style as she rocks a lovely pink angel winged dress with crochet flower detailing on the sleeves. Next, her second look to the right is a contrast between black pieces such as her off shoulder top, boots, belt, and brimmed hat against white shorts for an awesome women's summer style. No matter what Katie wears there is always great inspiration to be found!

Check out more of Katie at www.katieteutenberg.com and follow her on Instagram @katieteutphoto