Thai Streetwear Icon in Norway Explains Why He Doesn't Complain

I never complain about life because I tell myself that is how life is.
— Teddy

The Face Behind the Fashion: Teddy Upacut

Teddy Upacut was born in Thailand but moved across the world to Norway at the age of four keeping his Thai heritage sprinkled throughout his childhood. Teddy enjoyed being active and staying up late while also commenting that he was never too interested in school as he liked focusing on other paths. Growing up around a large hip hop, dance, and skateboarding culture, Teddy was also introduced to the world of fashion around ten years old, mixing up his style through out his teen years. Nowadays, Upacut strives to live a stress-free life by seeing the happiness all around him and practicing hobbies he has a passion for. 

If there is one thing Teddy really likes, it's spicy food derived mainly from having a Thai mother who cooked for him. Working in the food industry as an adult, Upacut manages the TGI Fridays at Oslo Airport which can become a pretty hectic job. However, he never complains because he knows that life is a series of challenges; that is just how things are. As Teddy says, we have to deal with these challenges, especially in the workplace, move on, and get better with time. Teddy also realizes that at the end of the day, he has a job. As a society, we complain a lot while the world is filled with people who are unemployed, financially struggling, and homeless whose problems are often shadowed by our own. 

We can avoid complaining and see more of the brighter side of life by taking up a lot of fun hobbies too. Teddy's hobbies range widely including photography, dance, video games, soccer, traveling, and enjoying a good beer. Most importantly, one of his bigger passions includes fashion. Fashion means a lot to Teddy, and he finds that clothing can tell a lot about a person's personality, attitude, and confidence. Sure, some people could care less about clothes, but when someone's outfit makes them feel more comfortable in their own skin, Teddy feels proud of that. Currently, he enjoys watching his streetwear Instagram grow and finds a smile when he sees a positive response from a new look. 

Skate and Streetwear with a Pinch of Class

For today's style corner, Teddy's got a couple of men's summer streetwear outfits for a healthy dose of July fashion ideas. Inspired from skateboarding and snowboarding in Norway, Upacut has a baggy style wearing long shirts and big hoodies that he contrasts with slim pants. He feels this clothing composition fits his personality and body type the best. As for shoes, this Thai fashion blogger rolls with sneakers from Adidas, it's Yeezy Brand, or from Vans but occasionally pulls out a pair of boots. However, the biggest staple of his style is a hat to top off the look. With a pinch of Old School class, all these pieces combine for a great set of urban apparel. We hope Teddy's style has given you some summer fashion inspiration, and we hope his words have inspired you to see the brighter side of things. 

Check out Teddy's website at and follow him on Instagram @teddyupcut

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