Orange County Blogger and Youtuber Seeks the Most Out of Life

Life is so short so I want to make it a blast!
— Jamie

The Face Behind the Fashion: Jamie Sweeney

We only get a single life, and it's our goal to make the most out of it. In sunny Orange County, Jamie Sweeney does it all including being a fashion blogger and Youtuber! Born and raised in Southern California, Jamie grew up as one of six and also the most stylish of the bunch. She's gone from sharing fashion tips with her sisters to creating new outfit ideas for all of her online audience to see. Her lovely outfits can be found on her blog, Truly Jamie, a pursuit she shares along side her job as a graphic designer and social media manager. In the future, Sweeney hopes to add wife and mother to the list of amazing things she does as well! 

On special thing about Jamie is that she's constantly carrying a smile with her. Sweeny remembers her niece asking her why she always laughs and responded that she can't help it. Jamie feels blessed and tries not to take everything so seriously allowing her to have a blast in anything she does! Of course, triumph is not without its struggle. She lost her mother to a tough battle with cancer and would give anything to have her back, but in turn, this experience has transformed Jamie into the strong and happy person she is today. First hand, this California fashion blogger has seen devastation and knows life is short. Therefore, she's going to go out and live her one life to the best of her ability. 

Life is made of our memories, and the more we have, the longer life'll feel. Besides running her blog and Youtube fashion channel, Jamie takes the time to enjoy herself in one of the most exciting and relaxing places in the world, Southern California. One of her favorite experiences was being invited to and attending Style Fashion Week Los Angeles, but of course, there are other event that can be found all year long. For one, there is Laguna Beach not too far from Jamie in Orange Country that has a west coast sunset that's hard to beat. Also not too far is Disneyland, the original park and magical place where everyone can have fun regardless of age or interests. Remember, the greatest way to extend this short life is to have fun! 

The Summer Style of an Awesome California Fashion Blogger

For a bit of Orange County fashion, Jamie is bringing her lovely women's summer style. She's brought three amazing outfits, and the first is to the top left as she rocks a black H&M dress, a pair of Adidas shoes, a Rebecca Minkoff bag, and a denim jacket handed down to her by one of her sisters! To the right of that awesome look is another great one for the season including a white A&F off the shoulder top, classic denim jeans from Levi's, Steve Madden heels, and to add character, a scarf from UO. Finally, in the two photos below, Jamie is showcasing her last clothing composition that's fun and classic and is made up of an Old Navy top, an Old Navy tote bag filled with flowers, a pair of Forever 21 sunglasses, and those same versatile jeans! Always stylish, this California blogger always has a dose of summer fashion inspiration to share!

Find more of Jamie at her blog and her Youtube channel TrulyJamie

Build Jamie's style at H&M, Urban Outfitter'sLevi's, Adidas, Old Navy, and Forever 21.